drawing/art challenge 199: S C H O O L


i am a teacher
and go to school 3 times a week 
i love my job (at one of the finest schools)
and my students!

it is the end of the first period
the students have finished their projects 
and i have to review all their work

hereby i want to show you some images
first: some of my (second year) mentor students
second and third: two scale models of a shopwindow
fourth: one of the product presentations by first year students
not the best quality of images, sorry!

for several reasons this has been a tough period
but being a teacher is one of the things i like best!

thank you dear Ariane, for this fine theme
and for starting the art challenge again
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

a fine week to you all!

my brother was here yesterday
just for one day
today he flies home
to Sint Maarten again
airplane was part of an other product presentation ;^))

9 opmerkingen:

  1. hey, that's lovely, seeing you sitting at your desk, the very place i made our summer filmpjes... i miss you studio, patrice, but definitely LOVELY to see it again, and YOU in it, naarstig aan het werk! :)

    oh, the mountain mover you are, many splendoured mind! take time for a cuppa and a slice now. preferably with caramel and chocolate. yessss!

  2. Hi Patrice, lovely post and good to see you:) Hope the joy of teaching will help you go over tough times<3 Leena

  3. Hello, Patrice. I admire anyone who can teach a bunch of teenagers anything. YOU obviously can! It's lovely to see you at your desk, in the calm of your studio. Take care. xo Carole

  4. from the happy looks of your students it is evident that you bring them vitality! So lovely that you all enjoy learning together. I so enjoyed your photos.

  5. Patrice, the look on your student's faces says it all. It is important to have someone in one's life who has supported them, taught them, inspired them, sparked their creative drive, and shared in a success. My hat is off to you, my dear! N,x

  6. Haaa, dear Patrice, thank you!
    I loooove to see you sitting in your studio... sweet memories.

    And I see pure joy and trust in the faces of your students, so great! I'm totally with Norma here (it is very important to have this kind of teacher and that's, what I miss for my son...)

    Great work of your students,
    even the plane in the sky... where your brother is in.
    I know, you are a good teacher :-)

  7. I think, it is great to be your student!!
    beautiful work of your lovely students - love the geometric shapes!
    :-) mano

  8. I love the artworks your students have created. and your photograph of them.. they look very happy. it must be quite a rewarding job to do.

  9. Dear Patrice, one can actually see they are your students. Led to clear and strong statements in their work. Do you remember, how much I adored the image of you, working barefootet in your studio? You sitting there, is my new favourite now. Something calms me down, looking at it. Thank you. A.