it's exactly two months ago that i posted something
.... sorry! and.... i wonder
is there someone visting me here nowadays?

i have been busy, no, i still am very busy with the job
and i will be even more busy the coming months
next to teaching i have a new additional task: 
thinking about and writing the curriculum for next year

that's why it was so quiet
i miss being here, and i realize that i have not enjoyed it enough
the years that i was working from home and had the time, so much time

you can follow me on facebook and instagram
but i am not sure if that's what i want
i loved this blog and the blogworld, so....

back to work!  
with this sentence in mind
(do not know from whom or where....)
Patrice A

'Meet yourself
where you are right now
with kindness
and patience.'


drawing challenge 189: C O C O O N

It's time for more silence.

drawing challenge 189

at the end of the winter
i long for a soft white place
to hibernate
a cocoon
in which i can curl
a safe embrace
waiting for spring
before i get out
converted and 
with wings
in the color of the sky

i used a form that i crocheted years ago
and turned it into a cocoon on a branch
the bookprinting/quote and linocut 
are works that i made earlier

please visit the blogs to the other participants:
Nadine, Barbara, Ariane, Lucia, Norma,
Leena, Sharmon, Roberto, Veronica, Tammie,
Stefanie, ManoEric and Tania

and THANK YOU all for joining!! xxx


drawing challenge: NEW THEME!

ok, i do not want to keep whining about how busy i am
about the 3 days teaching and read-in, prepare and more
(and don't get me wrong, my job is FUN!!)
i do not want to complain about the household
and the feeling of having no time
no time to make something, to create

how do other people do that? i regularly ask myself

i would like to hibernate
and wake up when spring has arrived

for protection
before i will pupate

hence the theme for dc 189 of Februari 20 - 21: COCOON

how it works:
if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all


drawing challenge 187: SIXES AND SEVENS

the theme this week is chosen by NADINE-tinyWOOLF
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

sixes and sevens
in the meaning 'state of confusion or disarray'
is written all over me lately
i looked up some old work
a self-portrait made of several polaroid pictures

for my absence
and the fact that i hardly drop by

next weekend i will be the host of the 188th drawing challenge
i will post the theme on wednesday the 10th
well... i hope to do that  ;^))
I WILL HOST the 189th drawing challenge
more on that next tuesday

sixes and sevens
in de betekenis van 'staat van verwarring of wanorde'
staat op mijn lijf geschreven, de laatste tijd
ik heb wat oud werk opgezocht
een zelfportret gemaakt van verschillende polaroidbeelden

voor mijn afwezigheid
en het feit dat ik vrijwel niet langskom