monthly quote: F E B R U A R Y

'There's a crack in everything,
that's how the light gets in.'

                                           Leonard Cohen

this sentence is spinning in my mind
it's what i try to do
it's how i want to be
to see the crack
feel the light

deze zin is spint in mijn hoofd
het is wat ik probeer te doen
het is hoe ik wil zijn
de scheur zien
het licht voelen


drawing challenge 185: R E E F

the theme this week is chosen by Katrin
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

i immediately thought of Daan Roosegaarde
and his poetic project 'waterlicht'
a dream landscape about the power and poetry of water
a large part of the Netherlands lies below sealevel
in these images people seem reef  ;^))

sorry, nothing self-made this week
i worked 6 days
just one more busy week
before i get into calmer waters

ik moest meteen denken aan Daan Roosegaarde
en zijn poëtische project 'waterlicht'
een droomlandschap over de kracht en poëzie van water
een groot deel van Nederland ligt onder zeeniveau
in deze afbeeldingen lijken de mensen het rif  ;^))

sorry, niets zelfgemaakt deze week
ik heb 6 dagen gewerkt
nog één drukke week
voordat ik in rustiger water kom


drawing challenge 184: rhythm

the theme of this week is chosen by Veronica
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

i haven't found mine yet
after re-starting teaching in August
i am still looking....
i can feel the rhythm of my heartbeat
which sometimes skips when i lie awake
pondering about the day to come
i see the rhythm of the seasons
in the bulbs outside and in
the rhythm of the days and nights
white and black
life and death

that beautiful blue moon is hanging on my wall
and the circles come from the book by Inez van Oord

my life a circle
with it's own rhythm


the last day of the year....

the last day of the year....
looking back, reminisce, remember and rethink
the good and the lesser things....

it was a tough year
some losses....
but also some positive things, like my new job!
and thanks to the travel time of three hours on a working day
i read a lot, over 70 books; ^))

some of my favorites are:
'Alice in Wonderland' Lewis Carroll - translated by Sofia Engelsman and with the wonderful illustrations by Floor Rieder
'Het lied en de waarheid' Helga Ruebsamen
'Us' David Nicholls (in dutch called 'We')
'Abundance' Alys Fowler (in dutch 'Rijke Oogst')
'A temporary Matter' Jhumpa Lahiri
'Butterflies in November' Auður Ava Olafsdóttir (so fine  ;^))
'Claire Marvel' John Burnham Schwartz (for the third time ;^))
'Olive Kitteridge' Elizabeth Strout
all 20 shortstories about Miss Marple by Agatha Christie
'To kill a Mocking Bird' Harper Lee (again ;^))
'Man with a Blue Scarf, on sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud' Martin Gayford
rereading all books by Marianne Fredriksson and loved them again
'The history of Love' Nicole Krauss
and last but not least
the book by Merlijne Marell 'Schobbejacques en de 7 geiten' (only in dutch but so worth it!!)

here you can find my lists of 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011

A HAPPY 2016!!