art challenge 194: S K Y

the theme this week is chosen by Eric of CERULEAN
please visit his blog for the link to the other participants


i had plans, as always
but to little time, as always....

after days of hard work with my father
- we have rebuilt our attic -
it was time to paint those new walls
- instead of making a drawing for this art challenge-
in a soft grey like the sky outside
besides that
i painted the walls of the room of youngest
in a beautiful skyblue

at the end of the day
the sun broke through
the sky!!
view from the attic window



it's exactly two months ago that i posted something
.... sorry! and.... i wonder
is there someone visting me here nowadays?

i have been busy, no, i still am very busy with the job
and i will be even more busy the coming months
next to teaching i have a new additional task: 
thinking about and writing the curriculum for next year

that's why it was so quiet
i miss being here, and i realize that i have not enjoyed it enough
the years that i was working from home and had the time, so much time

you can follow me on facebook and instagram
but i am not sure if that's what i want
i loved this blog and the blogworld, so....

back to work!  
with this sentence in mind
(do not know from whom or where....)
Patrice A

'Meet yourself
where you are right now
with kindness
and patience.'


drawing challenge 189: C O C O O N

It's time for more silence.

drawing challenge 189

at the end of the winter
i long for a soft white place
to hibernate
a cocoon
in which i can curl
a safe embrace
waiting for spring
before i get out
converted and 
with wings
in the color of the sky

i used a form that i crocheted years ago
and turned it into a cocoon on a branch
the bookprinting/quote and linocut 
are works that i made earlier

please visit the blogs to the other participants:
Nadine, Barbara, Ariane, Lucia, Norma,
Leena, Sharmon, Roberto, Veronica, Tammie,
Stefanie, ManoEric and Tania

and THANK YOU all for joining!! xxx


drawing challenge: NEW THEME!

ok, i do not want to keep whining about how busy i am
about the 3 days teaching and read-in, prepare and more
(and don't get me wrong, my job is FUN!!)
i do not want to complain about the household
and the feeling of having no time
no time to make something, to create

how do other people do that? i regularly ask myself

i would like to hibernate
and wake up when spring has arrived

for protection
before i will pupate

hence the theme for dc 189 of Februari 20 - 21: COCOON

how it works:
if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all