drawing challenge: another roadside attraction

these are two (and a cutout) of the three paintings 
I made some years ago for 'De Geheime Tuin'
an office for therapy and coaching of children, young people and parents
the office is named after 'The secret Garden'
a children-book by Frances Hodgson Burnett

for more roadside attractions you have to go to my Paraphernalia of Demie

* acrylic on canvas with beads and sequins and some applications

16 opmerkingen:

  1. i would love to go by such a gorgeous roadside attraction... your flowers are so alive! have you used pearls and small buttons? wonderful texture...

    i want to live in your secret garden!!!

  2. Patrice, these are beautiful! I can imagine how loved they are at the "The Secret Garden"
    I ask the same questions as Demie, are they pearls, buttons, beads?
    Greetings to you also from Canada!

  3. Dear Patrice - thank you for visiting my post - this is lovely, and particularly the first secret garden picture, it would be lovely to wander in there.

  4. right proper for a therapy environment! i thought, at first view, this looked a little mysterious, and inviting. great accomplishment, and very attractive!

  5. Hi Dear,
    As always- your stunning art work manage to surprise!
    The drawing is beautiful and so is the atmosphere..
    By the way are those beads at the bottom of the drawing that you;ve used?

    'The secret Garden' is one of my ever favorite books!

  6. fantastic work patrice! i wish that were my other side of the road. gives me the feeling of looking into a magical dream...

    my answer to your question. i have a small shop. and think about the sale of prints. or more small original work...


  7. dear Patrice, you know my love for gardens and i could totally dream away in these ones, enchanting!! x

  8. Oh, summer and gardens, your lovely pictures bring them alive, thank you!

  9. Beautiful, soothing and relaxing gardens! A real roadside attraction.

  10. oh patrice, "the secret garden" is one of my favourite books!! now your pictures are also my favourites! x mano

  11. hello!
    I love the palette of the first one. so beautiful and delicate. this is pretty much the opposite of my roadside attraction :)

  12. What a lovely painting and inviting garden! Are those blue flowers made from beads? It's just beautiful.

  13. oh jeeeeeeeeetje!
    i'd love to wonder in that secret garden,
    so beautiful patrice!


  14. ja Patrice, het is mooi!! Maar ik vind het nog fijner dat je (misschien is het sporadisch... Moran) toch weer schildert :-) want dat zit er toch in,hè?
    Nog vaker doen :-)

  15. prachtig werk! ben ook benieuwd naar het boek.