drawing challenge: I

thinking about the theme I wondered: when did I feel at my best?
when did I feel strong and the most 'me'?
in my early 30's!
I had just graduated from the Art Academy and
I was being pregnant for the first time
which made me feel I could conquer the world
becoming a mother, a huge change
beautiful, emotional, responsible
while loving, holding, mothering and caring I forgot about me
for a time....

so many roads, junctions and crossings
unknown paths and loose ends....

I love silence but laugh loud
I like to be on my own but love to touch and hold 
people and things
I am often somber, a worrier and melancholic
but am easily pleased and moved by little things
I am a mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter
I am
this is ME!

picture 1: linocut print on paper, size A4
picture 2,3,4 and 5: felt pen drawing of my fingerprint and a linocut print on a t-shirt 

look at all those participants from around the world!
thank you all for joining and sharing!!

Ariane, Renilde, Demie, Helen, Olga, Nadine, Julia,
Barbara, Kristen, Katharina, Michaela, Norma, Ritva,
Leena, Susan, Céline, Citlalli, Rachel, Tania and Annelie

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  1. wat gek dat laatste stuk met tegenstrijdigheden die je over jezelf schrijft is net zoals ik;-)

    Fijn weekend

    PS Prachtige foto van jezelf

  2. I love the drawing of the baby! :-) The fingerprints are an interesting idea, also. What would be more identifying than a fingerprint? Cool stuff!
    greetings, Katharina

  3. Hello Patrice!!!

    Love everything about this post...the idea....the brain massage it caused....your challenge response (the conversation awesome!) and now your response. I think we have a lot in common you and I it really is wonderful to connect with like minded people that you would never had had access to otherwise. :)

    Thanks for the opportunity Patrice!

    PS: Oh and I have posted too!

    PSS: just love your Dad's wooden houses (had to say it again I have Dads wooden houses envy heh heh heh)

    PSSS: SHEESH!! the husband is giving me grief he wants to go out for brekky so I will come back afterwards to go check otu everyones elses response cant wait....okay okay Im coming......

  4. and there you are. and how accurate you have described yourself. or what i mean is, the patrice i got to meet ticks every single box of what you've written. you have an interesting life, woman, and don't you forget it. and the times you do forget, come find us! we'll tell ya.
    lovely challenge!
    oh, and by the way? you show lovely!!! ;)))

  5. Hello gorgeous Patrice!

    this is a wonderful post
    ( thank you for reminding me how it felt to be pregnant
    - although in my case I did look very much like mummimamma, the feeling was there and it was precious)

    I am preparing for holidays and can't really find it in my mind to blog much so I am being a bad participant once again.

    I enjoy very much to get to know all of you a bit better : )

  6. Dear Beautiful Patrice,

    So moving to see your picture with a big warm, happy smile...:-)

    Love every bit of this post...your are work is great, the photos are beautiful (as always) and your words touched me deeply...love, xxx

  7. Beautiful post,
    moving words,
    amazing images!
    Hello you!

  8. Hello Patrice,
    thank for this wonderful theme,
    this wonderful post, so nice to meet you
    and for making me think about myself!
    Have a nice weekend! Michaela

  9. lieve Patrice, as always,
    your work, seemingly simple but a world of content and depht behind it
    clear words, clear images
    light glowing in that lovely smile of yours (great shirt)

    thanks for the interesting theme,xx

  10. Patrice! What a beautiful post by a beautiful woman. Lovely. Your artistic expression is so strong and direct. It's like looking at truth itself. Exposed. Wonderful. Unique. Interesting and Beautiful. Just a great theme you have chosen for us. It was tough for me but got me going in the right direction...so thanks (personally) for that! *smiles* Norma

  11. hello beautiful darling!
    great shirt!great post! great theme :)

    a huge hug!

  12. Great!
    Maybe i am to much mothering at the moment to be able to think about myself...
    It was not enough time...for this really difficult theme...next time...!
    I love this shirt! And your words!
    liebst, Melanie

  13. Fantastic post,
    dearest Patrice!
    You nailed it with the fingerprint... a fortiori as a linocut print! Wonderful, deep art work... as always.

    It's lovely to see you and I can't wait to hear your loud laughing...


  14. Thanks for hosting the challenge, Patrice. I love what you did with it. Such clean, fresh work. -sus

  15. patrice, sorry i am a little late, but still.
    the things you wrote about yourself - if i could
    sign below them, for myself

    and it`s good to you!

  16. Lovely work! So touching!
    how cool challenge!
    I will be up for the next one.
    waiting patiently to hear about the
    next theme.

    See ya!

  17. Dear Patrice,

    What a wonderful challenge and let me say you did a great job!
    Love both the baby drawing and the fingerprint shirt!
    In fact, our fingerprint is really the most personal mark we can leave, apart from our DNA fingerprint of course, which is again to recover in your child...!

    Finally I made it, too, late as I always am! ;o)
    Best wishes from Germany
    ♥ tanïa ♥

  18. Wow what a great picture of you ! Hello! and your words so clear and straight forward- thank you for such a thought provoking challenge!

  19. hello patrice,
    thank you so much for your comment and being host this weekend! i really like the t-shirt you are wearing on the photos. is it really your fingerprint?
    best regards! :) annelie

  20. ... and I love everything about this post. Absolutely everything!

  21. Hey, Patrice! Thanks for stopping by and leaving love on my blog! :-)
    Are we all so alike? No, I don´t think so. But I do think, that certain types of people do have things in common. And artistic people may share some attributes, like imaginativeness, sensitivity, reflectiveness and so on. What do you think?
    greetings, Kathi

  22. I love the open and honest way of your writing and the strong, vivid first picture.. and your fingerprints and creativity this post with the pictures express x Leena

  23. weeeeehaaaaaa!
    patrice, wat mooi!
    prachtig geschrijven.
    leuk, jou shirt.

    veel liefs, knuffel

  24. my beautiful freundin, you really started something wonderful!
    all this, in every way, beautiful women, all these overwhelming words, quotes, pictures.
    and my heart always makes a big jump when i see YOU!

    thank you for that great theme, you made us all think deeply! love, julia

  25. lovely portrait. great t-shirt!

  26. Ja, hallo mevrouw Aarts... val ik nog op tussen die 25 reacties? Niet normaal meer man. De hele wereld kijkt met je mee! Gelukkig spreken de meesten geen Nederlands zo te zien. En ik ga dit écht niet in het Engels schrijven, want het is alleen voor jou mevrouw Aarts. Ik zou u namelijk heel graag ontvangen om naar mijn servies te kijken. Speciaal voor u is dat helemaal gratis en voor niets, omdat ik zoveel van u hou (ik betaal zelf elke keer een euro namelijk). En dan kan ik u ook rondleiden door mijn stad, en tracteren op een cappucino in een kommetje waar uw handen precies omheen passen. En dan laat ik u mijn man weer eens een keer zien, die tegenwoordig zelfs kan onthouden hoe u precies heet. Dus zodra u zich los kunt rukken uit uw beslommeringen bent u van harte welkom bij mij en mijn servies en stad en man. Ik hoor wel wanneer u ongeveer in de gelegenheid bent. Dan scheur ik gewoon een dag uit mijn agenda. Met de meest oprechte groeten die Dronten maar kunnen bereiken,

    Mevrouw S. de J te L.

  27. Hi Patrice, nice to meet you! You choosed a very difficult and challenging "word" and I'm impressed with what all this wonderful woman came out. It was a great pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you.

  28. Zo zo Patrice, wat open...mooi. Dapper,sterk,eerlijk en voor mij ontwapenend.. ( ik zou dit heel moeilijk vinden)
    En je idee,je thumb..geniaal :-)
    Prachtig,om al die reacties hierop te lezen.

    ** Ingrid

  29. Anoniem4.7.12

    He bolle, je bent in beeld. Een mooie IK. i2