drawing challenge: smell or scent

this week's theme is chosen by Barbara

our sense of smell is our most direct sense
to a large extent scents determine our memories and emotions
but are often difficult to describe in words

some of my favorite scents and memories are:
. the smell of the sea: summer vacations late '60s
for weeks we went to the beach very early in the morning
and in the afternoon when it became crowded back home again
. the smell of open water: by boat late '70s and '80s
and of course with TREES!
. the scent of flowering privet: i am 6 years old and on my way to school
what happend to all those privet hedges?
. the smell of the heads of my boys on the day they were born
sweet as freshly baked bread rolls
. the smell of the garden after a rain shower
. the smell of blooming tulip fields in the evening after a warm spring day
. the aroma of tomatoes i buy at the farm....

i love tomatoes and just yesterday there were tomato plants for sale at the farm!
so i bought three different varieties
i love the smell but also the taste
my favorite tomato salad:
halved tomatoes, freshly ground pepper, crumbled Bettine Blanc,
pine nuts and some fig-date vinegar

tomatoes drawn with pencil and colored with watercolor
then cut out and photographed

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, my dear friend, Patrice!
    you are such a sensible... sensual person...
    yummy! your watercolour of the tomatoes looks very delicious and that you cut your painting out... adding so a little shadow... clever lady!

    And... ya, gimme a stitch from feelings of envy...grmph... Oh, how I wish to be with you... all the best and have fun!

    Love hugs and kisses
    xo Ariane.

  2. Such beautiful memories....and your tomatoes are great, I love tomatoes as well: I plant them myself in our greenhouse. a lot of work, but they taste wonderful! And your pictures are just beautiful!

  3. oohh. tomato smell is sharp, yes!

    the cutting out of your tomatoes just about makes 'em come to life! oh wow! what an inventive thing to do!

    now! quick, quick on to further cleaning up this bombshell of a house, babe... promise me to also close your eyes when i say so!!!!!!

  4. YES! tomatoes have such a rich and special scent...I find irresistible. So sad that tomatoes from the market have no Oder...perhaps that's why when you smell plants or home grown tomatoes they are so cherished :)
    Your plants and lovely little drawing is making me hungry!!

  5. Oh what a wonderful smell I imagine when I see your images! I hope to get some tomato plants soon... although we still have freezing temperatures at night, so they will need to be kept inside for a while. Your drawing/watercolour is beautiful and your photos remind me of the wonderful smell .... gotta get me some of that!

  6. such a lovely post. i enjoyed reading about scents and memories and your painting is charming.

    can you tell me how i can join these prompts? You all look like such a fine group of people/artists.

  7. I can smell those plants!
    And they remind me of visiting my grandmother - she grew tomatoes and geraniums!
    Thanks you for your reminder of scents.
    I could pick up one of those tomatoes :)

  8. Dear Patrice, yes you name it smell and emtions/memories are so linked together and I can agree with most of the scents you described, as the sea, plants, flowers, forrest after the rain and on and on.
    And guess what today at the fleamarket I bought 3 tomato plants, 3 different sorts and woodruff because I love the smell + taste of it so much.
    Thanks for sharing and participating.
    Love + hugs

  9. your painting is wonderful! and the smell of tomatoes too, especially of fresh cooked tomatoe sauce with basil!
    :-) mano

  10. Tomatoes and cucumbers, oregano, fresh olive oil and coarse salt. . . a feast for eyes, mouth and nose enjoyed on the island of Crete. This is what your words, pictures and painting make me think of today! Opa!

  11. OH! The scent of tomato plants in the sun! Now that takes me right back to my Grandfather's garden in the 1960's. He loved tomatoes, and ate them with sugar. xxoo, sus

  12. yes, tomato plants and their special smell, great!
    me because of allergie not allowed to eat them anymore:(
    but well, would like to take part for the d.c.?
    I am the host and it would be such a pleasure!
    x Stefanie

  13. my tomato shoots showed up today..
    i just love yours, patrice.

  14. Oh yes, tomatoes! Love them as insalata caprese with mozzarella and basil (great smell, too!).
    And your variety of memoried smells brought up some of mine, of course...certain surroundings and scenes of my past...and let me tell you my latest thoughts about smells from this week-end: I went to the disco and it was such a strange, but wonderful experience that my clothes didn't smell afterwards thanks to the new tightened non-smoking-laws! ;o))

  15. so many smells this time of year, yes tomato plants, here also one of them,
    i looooooove tomatoes fresh from the plant, cooked or baked,
    an al fresco lunch in summer asks for tomatoes, just picked, with basil or dill or....oh i'm so glad it's all coming our way now.

    your tomatoes hmmm mouthwatering, xx

  16. hmmm....and here i´ll again inspired to start a scent list.

    love your tomato painting ♥

  17. Hello Patrice,
    I am happy to hear you had a lovely time with N : )

    All the sea related scents you describe bring me back to my childhood.
    And I dream too of tomato scent(s) - looking forward to plant them soon.
    Wonderful watercolour tomatoes

    hugs xoxoxo

  18. OH,YES tomatoes IS the smell!!!!!
    just to touch their leaves!!!!!
    congratulations!!! and nice weekend!!!!
    and thanks for your comment!!!!! :)

  19. Looking at your painting of the cut out tomatoes makes my nose smell freshly cut sun-ripened tomatoes. This cutting out idea really gives the image depth hey?! This is great Patrice. I'm going to try painting something and cutting it out one of these days. I really like the effect you have made here. N, xo