trust - vertrouwen

i am a coward, am afraid of everything
i am also a perfectionist, it's almost never good enough
and all the beauty that i see on the internet can sometimes paralyze me
i myself am my worst enemy....

my word for 2014 is TRUST
confidence in myself, trust in my ability
with that in mind i made this phrase
and how i love my beautiful miss Stuttgart!

ik ben een bangerik, ben bang voor van alles
daarnaast ben ik een perfectionist, het is vrijwel nooit goed genoeg
en al het moois dat ik zie op het internet kan me soms verlammen
ikzelf ben mijn grootste vijand....

mijn woord voor 2014 is VERTROUWEN
vertrouwen in mijzelf, vertrouwen in m'n kunnen
met dat in gedachten maakte ik deze zin
en wat hou ik van mijn mooie miss Stuttgart!

18 opmerkingen:

  1. I do believe we are on the same page starting off this year Patrice!! SO
    Here's to a year of trust and confidence in keeping "the enemy" at bay so we can
    truly shine :)

    (and I Love your miss Stuttgart too)

  2. Het is alsof ik iets over mezelf lees....vooral het nooit goed genoeg. Ik probeer dan aan deze zin te denken: perfect is the enemy of good enough.
    Dankjewel voor deze prachtige zin, ik ga hem opschrijven!

  3. Your work is amazing and inspires me all the time!
    xo, j

  4. You make me smile dear sister.
    You say the words.
    You MAKE the words!!
    love and hugs

  5. Dearest Patrice,
    what a beautiful printed work... with its wonderful font and quote! Yes, go for it, I am going with you!

    The inner 'enemy' wants to be hugged, I think, he is it, who shivers with fear....
    it's all there...
    the confident woman... I have met her in Hamburg...Patrice.

    That beautiful postcard that you have send me... was it printed with miss Stuttgart, too? Thank you so much, even for your words, my friend. Means a lot to me.

    and: Happy belated birthday to your 'old' son!

    Love xoxx

  6. Beautiful beautiful Patrice. Yes you speak to me. To my fear(s) and I am working on a little book right this minute as it happens, with the saying "Do one thing every day that scares you"~Eleanor Roosevelt
    My heart is in my mouth as I dip the pen into the ink, and the brush into the pot, etc. It is an uncomfortable feeling but necessary to realize success. Happy New Year to you! Love, Norma, x

  7. your words resonate with me patrice, beautifully printed out. oh my your press is gorgeous!

  8. Dear Patrice, i am flying on trust myself this year!
    Wishing you well - sus

  9. so honest, dear Patrice.
    how i recognise the person
    you're describing in me +
    what a good mantra for the year, thank you!

  10. you are an inspiration,always, thanks, xx

  11. jij en kristen... twee handen.
    oh, ja. trust!

  12. Dear Patrice, first of all I like to wish you a very happy and fearless 2014. Thank you SO MUCH for your very nice card and the cute little crane - I love it!
    True words and I know exactly what you mean by being paralyzed by all the good stuff in the internet and being blocked because nothing is good enough. Maybe you should challenge yourself by doing a 365days project, so that you just have to produce if its good or not, that is not the point, but start and do it and while you practice it becomes easier.
    Well with the collages, I don't give it up for ever, but I also like to do some drawings, paintings and be free to experiment a littlebit.... it won't be quiet for ever, promised.
    Trust yourself, don't think the gras is always greener on the other side, its not!
    Love and hugs
    Barbara Bee

  13. wat mooi. wat prachtig.
    lieve patrice...
    ik ben ook een bangerik.
    bijzonder dat wij hetzelfde woord hebben gekozen.

  14. ...I recognise this person too
    but you are right to trust yourself
    your instincts are wonderful x

    p.s. I loved your email
    will write soon ; )

  15. I don't believe you are a coward, not for one second.
    Also I understand, I feel this same way. All the beauty paralyzes me. All the things I cannot do, or want so desperately to do. All the ways in which my own work never lives up to what I want?
    I love your word TRUST for this year, and, as always, I love what you have made.
    Do not be afraid! We are our own worst enemies this way.
    Also I love Barbara's recommendation so much, the 365 project... maybe I should do this myself. I think it would be a great practice, indeed...

  16. I recognise these feelings too ... but I was holding your beautiful feather print in my hands earlier and if that's not perfection what is. Trust that you are braver than you believe ... no one lacking courage could send such wonder into the world x

  17. the second, the third and the fourth lines are about myself too, you are not alone :)
    I love your word for the 2014!

  18. happy new year, dear patrice
    such an important word and wish,
    trust. sending to you all my warmest