drawing challenge: UPSIDE DOWN

there are events that shook my life UPSIDE DOWN
some small, some huge:
a word, a phrase, a work of art, a journey, illness, 
death, moving or falling in love

but the greatest upheavel of all 
was caused by the birth of my sons


for a new but different balance

please visit all the other participants!!:
Ariane, Céline, Nadine, Veronica, Susan, Roberto, Eric (maybe),
Joanne, Barbara, Norma, Leena, Tania, Kristen, Manon, Tammie,
Sabine, Stefanie, Joke and Rachel

thank you!

27 opmerkingen:

  1. haha, so much fun! I love what you did to yourself ;-) especially the last picture, really zen, I should try that. Thank you for this challenge and your nice words on my post and yes: I think about the positive things that turn my world upside down, I just easily think about the negative ones….

  2. thank you partice. i am glad to
    hear that you enjoyed radish and mustard.
    i am currently growing rucola from seed and it is
    super fun and enjoying it's fresh baby leaf. If you can,
    i so would like to see more of your garden photo. (^^)

  3. Hi, Patrice. First I want to thank you for your invitation, and the choice of topic so cute for us to make our minds work beautifully.
    I love the cropped photo and armed like a doll! I can not stop smiling!
    Well, yes, it is true what you say. the birth of your children puts you upside down. (I can imagine it, and feel it, it happened to my wife) but obviously as a man, I can not "live that feeling" I guess that are 9 months of living upside down, and even more so because take arms your baby is still moving. a beautiful way to feel upside down! :)
    Thanks for your comment! (I imagine your father as a very funny guy)

  4. Oh my gosh! That's brilliant! :D I was just drawing myself a little Buddhist with chakras to join up and pose but how much more fun is your idea! I'm with Roberto...can't stop smiling. Speaking of sons, mine called me yesterday and we had a good talk. Miss that boy. Hope your weekend is going along wonderfully.

  5. that is so so fun! i love this project. also, thought-provoking interpretation of upside down

  6. LOVE your quirky interpretation, as ever. what a clever little life story. and your zen is extra special, for the very surprised face... perhaps you may like to visit my upside down. we can be friends... hee hee... n♥ terrificly playful theme!

  7. Ha ha, very clever and funny. What you see is what you get!

  8. Hihi, you made me laugh, my dear, that's such a funny way to express your state of mind, when your world turned upside down! Always best to keep calm and relax, even if you're standing on your head! You still seem to be surprised of whatever happened, but that won't bring you down, that's for sure! Such a cute doll, I could never stop playing around with that! :-D

  9. I love your upside down yoga pose!
    Great theme Patrice!
    I agree with the one thing that literally turns the world on it's head - children!

  10. Whoa this is great Patrice. I'm reading some psychology book right now that talks about being knocked off course (or being upsidedown) and how there is always meaning in that. It is interesting for me to think about this post right now. You can pull your own strings!!! *smiles* Norma, x

    p.s. thanks for being host! :)

  11. very fun, totally great, dear Patrice!
    to become a mother, yes, you´re right, I did not think of it, but if I look now at my drawing for the d.c. - it might be inside, too... sister, thank you for being our host!
    x Stefanie

  12. You have thought the theme thoroughly: the images and ideas are fresh and fascinating, thank you:) xo Leena

  13. It's very recognizable how kids can turn your world upside down. Love the last image: keep calm and keep on breathing.

  14. this is so fun!
    fun also that we both did yoga and similar.
    thank you for being our lovely host!!

  15. OK I want one of these...I may have to make one for myself so I can leave it around my home with notes here and there :)
    Kids do turn your world upside down but once it's done you can't imagine it any other way :)

  16. mmmh, dear Patrice,
    beautiful work... as always, I have to say!
    I smile!
    And, even here something to think about ... for me... is it zen?... but your facial expression, hmm...(could be a 'Hanged Woman' from the Tarot in the first moment of being hanged, no?)

    And, yes, there are a few episodes in my life that makes me feel upside down. And my kids still do. They are my biggest teacher.

    Thank you, Dear, for this reflecting theme...

    xo Ariane xx.

  17. I love this! You have a wonderful sense of humor. Brilliant.
    Thank you so much for remembering means inviting me to join in. I have a new series of drawings to share very soon!

  18. so great!
    warm greetings from Paris!

  19. hahahaha great and I want one of these of myself!!!! This would make a great craft project for my kids too! Thank you for the invite for the challenge I totally love it!ManonX

  20. Oh, yes Patrice! the advent of our children was the biggest life-change of all to date! And even now that they are adults themselves they still impact our lives immeasurably. Best wishes for the week, and thanks for the challenge!

  21. Brilliant, that it is, fun, hilarious and very intelligently made - pur you, my dear Patrice. I LOVE it.
    Combined with words of wisdom who can ask for more!
    Hand your feather and bird, looks great, have to show pics soon!
    Love + hugs
    barbara bee

  22. what a big smile
    you've put on my face,
    thank you, dear Patrice,
    i fully sympathise :)

  23. Visiting thru Veronica Roth….love what you have done ~ clever & thought provoking

  24. Hi, I love to take part. Sometimes I miss the drawing challenges. This time I saw it on Stefanie's blog. Going to draw/paint something!
    Kind wishes,

  25. Ooops, it's too late to participate...is it? Just saw the date! Maybe next time!

  26. I missed this somehow. Brilliant!