this is (not) Delft

so far i have printed the first two layers blue
one lino block and the reduce method
for the third and last layer
which will be a nude (of course  ;^))
i'm going to use a new lino block

just a few more days
before the exhibition 'this is (not) Delft'
at Galerie XS

tot dusver heb ik twee lagen blauw afgedrukt
één lino blok en de reduceer methode
voor de derde en laatste laag
die een naakt zal zijn (natuurlijk; ^))
gebruik ik een nieuw lino blok

nog slechts een paar dagen
voor de opening van 'this is (not) Delft'
bij Galerie XS

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi, dear Patrice, mooi!
    and you work so very neat and tidy
    these accuracy of fit, wow, chapeau!
    I like the play with positive/negative form
    all so vivid
    modern and classic.
    Looking forward to the nude ;-))
    (btw: have you seen my nude in the coffee on fb at the 10th of June? You in my mind <3)


  2. waw, waw, waw!
    i've been reading up on printing techniques so very much as off late and here i am in AWE already for your two consecutive prints...! listen, i will be so happy to see you do this, i do not feel te need to do it myself, i want to observe, observe and learn, learn!! respect, patrice! n♥
    and SO beautiful blues already...

  3. You've been busy!
    Beautiful blues.
    (What's all this about "nude"! am I missing something?)

  4. love the blue-s, beautiful work!
    x Stefanie

  5. What a great title for a show! Let's meet in Delft, Patrice. You can show me what's not Delft.
    xo Carole

  6. ben benieuwd naar de derde laag
    ik vind het nu al heel mooi!

  7. Heel erg leuk Patrice. It's a Patrice.

  8. Your finished plate and woodblock prints looks great on the instagram shot by Loes Van Oosten :)


    LOVE <3

  9. so beautiful
    refreshing and a joy to see

  10. This is so beautiful Patrice. I wish I could master the technique of laying one print on top of another. I'm always getting it wrong. In a couple of days I'll be in my place in England and I might pop into my printmakers guild and ask for some lessons. Wish I was closer because I'd so love to come to the gallery and see the exhibit. :D