drawing challenge: cactus

cactus (cacti, cactuses) a member of the cactaceae family
and a name originally used for a spiny plant whose identity was not certain

I do not really like cacti
there is only one I like, namely the one with ears
I crocheted such a cactus and once in a pot I realized
I have used one in the ABC I made for Oldest
a long, long time ago

for more cacti see: tinyWoolf the blog of sweet Nadine

* * * *

ik hou niet echt van cactussen
er is er maar één die ik leuk vind, namelijk die met oren
ik haakte zo'n cactus en eenmaal in een pot realiseerde ik me
dat ik er een heb gebruikt in het ABC dat ik maakte voor Oudste
lang, lang geleden

18 opmerkingen:

  1. it will be very hard to find a more cuddly cactus than the one you made and i would love to see more letters of your alphabet, a prickly theme but a very sweet post lieve Patrice, xx

  2. haha, ik vind jou zacte versie wel heel leuk! vooral hoe hij zo tussen de grote planten staat!

  3. Dearest Patrice,
    your woolen cactus make me smile... and its the only cactus that I really like a lot without blossom!
    As Renilde I wanna see more of your alphabeth. Lucky oldest that you made him this... good mom :)

    x Ariane.

  4. Oooh, I just love this chrocheted cactus! A soft version without spines!
    And what a great idea to illustrate the alphabet. Well done!

  5. wauw,
    lachen! geweldig!


  6. patrice,
    your c. is really nice,
    - it's pot and color

    good night to you

  7. oh, for sure, i like this one too.
    if you don't tell me it's crocheted, i won't even see it!!! not in that second image, not ever. perfect trompe-l'oeuil! ;)))
    thanks for playing, patrice.

  8. Patrice!!! ♥ We had the same idea! And I thought you all would call me a cheater :) I love your cactus! And i am so happy to hear we are many sharing this fear of the plant full of needles.

    Love. E.

  9. Wow, a cuddley crocheted cactus! sooo enjoy the dichotomy. Great pot with finger prints, more hand work and a sure home support for the green prickly machine. thank you!

  10. So such a thing do you have in your home, a crocheted cactus! I like them too, this kind, but do not touch them, they have tiny needles that want to bury into your fingers!

  11. Love the crocheted cactus! And it is perfect if you don't like real ones. It interests me that so many people don't really like cacti, as I am intriqued by them and enjoy them so much!

  12. what a great exemplar!
    I would say: It´s okay,
    x Stefanie

  13. Patrice.....now that's a cactus someone could cuddle up to! Most cactus are prickly but your's is not. Love it! xo

  14. I'm not a big fan of cacti either, but your cuddley one jumps right in my heart. I LOVE it!

  15. you are incredible! is there anything you cannot do?
    i´m your fan, absolutely.

  16. a crocheted cactus is a great variation on a prickly cactus - I love it. it looks beautiful and it never needs water...
    :-) mano

  17. Patrice
    words cannot explain how much I love the crocheted cactus in a pot. However words can explain how much I love the alphabet cactus illustration: beautiful and minimal with a great layout.

    Helen :)

  18. i guess i do like cacti, even tho i have none...
    your crocheted one is just cute!

    :) :) :)