drawing challenge 165: COAT

for the three-days-course typesetting i took last january we had to bring texts to typeset
one of them was this one, shown in the second picture

Be what i wanted to be.
We have taught ourselves everything in life and at some point you think that you are that. 
But that's a coat that you've put on. Without that coat you feel bare. 
Yet it is important that you dare to discover what lies beneath.
first sentence of an unknown person
text by Marten Toonder, a dutch comic strip creator who had a great influence on the dutch language 
by introducing new words and expressions

in addition i made a little sketch

as i said before i like to dress in layers
therefor i like big wide coats, to fit all the layers underneath
and preferably in dark colors, such as gray, brown or black
i once had a beautiful wide hooded coat made of brown corduroy
our sons named that coat 'moms magic coat' 
but now I have a new coat, a very light and slim trench coat!
which makes me feel totally different....

for this drawing challenge i used the sketch
and wondered how i would look like in a multicolored coat
ok, with a little black and white  ;^))
i used pencil and some (old) tempera paint

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i wish you all a fine weekend!

look what i found! 
around 1984, me in my beloved big wide coat by Mac & Maggie
and then, as now, with too short trouser legs

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  1. I'm delighted to have discovered you, your blog and your creative expressions! Love the theme(s) and I may have to join you some time. And, it was through Tammie Lee's coat contribution that I found you ~ and I am glad for it!

  2. Gosh, you lucky girl! Did you learn typesetting on one of those beautiful old letter presses? I've always wanted one of those. How wonderful. The coat is beautiful and so are you in that 1984 photo. Now That I think about it, I have a coat from the 1980's still. It is a beautiful white Nordic wool coat which I wore over a very pregnant tummy one winter. It's so wonderful that I've never been able to get rid of it and still wear it here and there.

    Thank you for being our host dearest, and have a lovely weekend. X

  3. your text is food for thought and typeset beautifully, the colorfull coat (great colors too) and especially the b/w rim makes me smile.
    i learned something about Marten Toonder, thanks, interesting.
    your 1984 photos are great, love your hair, and Mac and Maggie yes,, i had a weak spot for their clothing, we used to drive to Maastricht, the most nearby of their shops was there, i still have one of their coats,brick orange-red,don't wear it anymore but can't throw it away.
    thanks for a wonderful post and for hosting, xx

  4. Dear Patrice, your words are true and touching me.. That is a charming, beautiful photo of you from the 80's.. and the drawings are perfect! Thank you for the lovely theme, Leena

  5. I love the photo of you in that big coat! fabulous, so much joy.
    wonderful typesetting piece too
    and what a coat
    i wonder what it would feel like to wear that
    truly a fun piece.
    thank you for hosting!

  6. a coat of magic! seems to me you've got it, and a pocket full of surpises and mystery. look at you in mac&maggie. "those were the days, my friend..." and more seem to have fond memories of that eighties rebel in fashion land... i would love to see you in your existentialist trench!! and you in that 'multi-coloured' coat? that'd be a first, no? x n♥

  7. I love your posting! a coat, a magic coat... imagination is running wild now...
    the words of Mr Toonder are very inspiring...
    And yes, it´s always fascinating how different clothes are making us feeling different...
    Such a nice theme! Thank you!
    x Stefanie

  8. I love the Marten Toonder text. What's underneath all the coats we wear... Great post!

  9. I love this post, Patrice!
    Thankfully, spring allows us to shed a few layers! Cute coats, like the one you've designed, and skinny jeans would be adorable. I'd buy one!
    Thanks for hosting this week's challenge. Fun theme.

  10. Makes me smile, your post, dearest Patrice! Love it!
    your magic coat
    I had a similar one, even in black and wide, but I eked a sleeve holder and gather the back to have a waist ;-) It makes me happy to see you in 1984.
    I think such a colored coat would fit you.. it is so artistical!

    Thank you for the theme and being our host (No 165!!)
    xoxx Ariane.

  11. What a fun post, and your typesetting is beautiful. Your sketch of the multi coloured coat made me smile .... Loved also seeing your magic coat from many years ago. Also wanted to thank you for inviting me to the challenge. Sorry I couldn't join in.

  12. What fun, to see how everyone interpreted this challenge! My blog link, which takes you directly to the COAT entry, is http://blog.melodyeshore.com/coats-of-all-stripes-and-colors/

  13. This is a wonderful coat and a magic coat maybe ones to be invinsible from time to time would be great. But sorry I can't really image yourself with a colored squared coat - i m p o s s i b e l.
    And I like your old pics - looks so vibrant and fun.
    Thanks for your invitation.
    See you soon!
    barbara bee

  14. first of all, I am totally taken by your little drawing. I would love to invite her over for coffee. isn't it great how, from so different paths, a coat for most of us means safety, warmth and identity. and strength. it is great to remind that once in a while, as it gives us superpowers. to enable so easily. I would love to see your new coat btw.! thank you for a wonderful d.c.

  15. the old pictures are so wonderful, so vital - and your coloured coat is likewise beautiful.
    :-) mano

  16. Fabulous coats! In both your artwork and that photograph :o)

  17. First - Thank you for this DC. Second: I love this posting, especially the toonder Quote.

  18. Fantastic coat and pattern in it! The woman is so vibrant with the shapes you have drawn!

  19. I think you have achieved a good balance between text and drawing. The mutiple colors of this coat. each could be the different aspects of that coat we teach ourselves, right? PS: Beautiful B&W pics!