drawing challenge: connection

1995 Romeo Julia, choreographed by Ed Wubbe, performed by Scapino Rotterdam
sorry, no drawing, again....

theme chosen by Ariane

we are connected in so many ways
many of which are invisible but strong
like blood ties, friendship or motherhood
but also through internet, blogs or this weekly challenge
and yet
I prefer a more visible connection
like shaking a hand, touch, a hug
as in a dance like this

1995 Romeo Julia, choreografie van Ed Wubbe, uitgevoerd door Scapino Rotterdam
sorry, alweer geen tekening....

thema gekozen door Ariane

we zijn op zoveel manieren verbonden
veel daarvan onzichtbaar maar sterk
zoals bloedbanden, vriendschap of moederschap
maar ook door internet, blogs of deze wekelijkse uitdaging
en toch
hou ik meer van een zichtbare verbinding
het schudden van een hand, aanraken, een omhelzing
zoals in een dans als deze


13 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful,powerful photos.
    I identify with the preference of physical, immediate connection.
    However, I do believe that the connection we have in hearts with other, are the strongest ones and have not much to do with visible, physical connections...xx.

  2. Yes, I also prefer the other connection. The touch. The hug. Dancing is a perfect way to emphasize on that ... specially the ones you've chosen. The saw a connection, of those who touch our soul...

    wonderful : )

  3. ....still that blog connection we have created I cherish a lot ... : )

  4. Dearest Patrice,
    did the dancers really feel that love that they are acting? Is there that connection of love? It seems to. Physical. Real. Wonderful. Great images!

    And: Oh, how I would like to have joined PEARL the baroksensatie! at Rotterdam this eve...

    I wanna give you a hug.. this spring!

  5. Wow..super-beautiful..your words and thoughts are deeply beautiful and moving.. and the images are brilliant.. so poetic and amazing!

  6. Ever so beautiful, i love to dance but even more love to look at people dancing, the visible and the invisible, body and soul.
    Soft photoos that makes me quiet inside.
    A touch is indeed one of the most powerful connections, big hug, x

  7. dear patrice, your pictures and words are so beautiful! I take them into my heart. big hug, mano

  8. Wow, I'm blown away by the beauty of these pics! Really really love them!

  9. I loved your comment about the old volkswagen beetle today, thank you so much fro sharing that memory!

  10. Dear Patrice, wonderful thoughts, so true, so important! And dance itself is a wonderful combination of visuality, movement and music. I love the photos!

  11. you make me cry, in a good way, liebe freundin! love j.

  12. ik ook,
    ik ben met je eens.
    heel mooi!
    is het jou fotos?
    en hopelijk is je hoofd vandag lekker aan zachte, groene mos aan het rusten...

  13. oh, i feel the connexion, even while being off line.
    you are all there, as i'm grafting... and i'm missing you all too.
    perhaps you are the best drive to get things over with... so i can come back to the drawing circle and create... arghhh...

    working hard to meet our may appointment too, patrice!
    no worries, it'll happen!