drawing challenge: garden

the theme is chosen by Renilde

when we still lived in Rotterdam, the children were small and we had no garden
I wanted an allotment with vegetables and fruits and flowers
but then we moved here: a house with a garden
the first years a part of the backyard was a vegetable garden
currently: mainly plants and shrubs, flowers, a few trees 
and a small part with herbs, fruit and tomatoes

black and white photographs from the book:
Tot Nut & Genoegen, volkstuincultuur in Nederland
To the benefit & Pleasure, allotment culture in the Netherlands

colored photographs from the book:
de Schooltuin, 100 jaar schooltuincultuur in Nederland
the School-garden, 100 years of school-garden culture in the Netherlands

drawing challenge: tuin

thema gekozen door Renilde

toen we nog in Rotterdam woonde, de kinderen klein waren en we geen tuin hadden
wilde ik graag een volkstuin met groente en fruit en bloemen
maar toen verhuisden we naar hier: een huis met een tuin
de eerste jaren was een gedeelte van de achtertuin een moestuin
momenteel: vooral planten en struiken, bloemen, een paar bomen 
en een klein gedeelte met kruiden, fruit en tomaten

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Garden plans always make me happy, they look so promising and cheerfull,and now after many years of gardening all those plant names sound familiar.

    Allotments are always such a pretty sight,, a small village of gardens and gardeners.
    And yes Patrice nothing tastes like a freshly picked tomatoes and some herbs...lovely things ahead of us.

    thanks for participating, enjoy your spring garden, xx

  2. volkstuintjes! hoera!!
    is that your garden, patrice? so this is what a garden can turn into. well, i'll be d***ed. how many hours will i pass on that job, hey...??
    luckily i can always come back here to get inspired.

    the lady with the flowered bag in the greens... lovely shot, really.

  3. Wonderful garden and nice photos and story!

  4. Dear Patrice,
    Is that your garden?!! If so I'm amazed:
    1. by your drawing.
    2. the richness of all the plants
    3. by the fact that you actuality them by name...:-)

    and also beautiful old photos!

  5. schoolgardens are a great invention! I love the photos very much. your drawing, too! It's your garden? I would like to see it with all the wonderful plants and flowers!

  6. hello patrice!
    gorgeous classic sketch of a garden plan. love it!
    gardening is such a basic need as a creative don't you think? just plunging hands into dirt
    is necessary. i love these wonderful pictures you've found.
    great theme.

  7. I see you have a lilac tree! They are so hard to keep alive in Southern California. It just doesn't get cold enough I think.
    I love love lilacs.
    Your garden with all of the labels is so pretty. A map of sorts.
    The community garden photos are great as well. I've thought about that many times. I'm just afraid I wouldn't be able to get to my garden often enough and it would be wasted on me. At home in LA our plot is very small with mostly hillside with trees, weeds, etc.

  8. Aaaah, dear Patrice,
    you've drawn my dream! With two entries... one from the living room and the other from the kitchen... near to the rosemary. My dream of a garden... full of colour, shapes and rhythm, fragrance and flavour.

    Your painting, a drawing like a sketch of old gardens of the Kings and the Queen in those days! Wonderful.
    How is the North point of the compass? Do you cut the boxwood in shape? Are the woodplatforms at the same level as the stones (?)?
    Lady's mantle... I can smell the Lilies of the valley in May... and hear steps on the warm wooden platform.

    Great old photos!

    Thank you very much...

  9. Dear Patrice, I hope you`ll join drawing challenge this weekend, I am the host and the theme is Smile:) Leena

  10. This is like a ...REAL garden! Organized and everything... I want that!

    love from d

  11. dear p.
    wat hou ik van deze oude fotos!
    zou heel graag jou rotterdam zien,
    en dan laat ik je mijn rotjeknor leren kennen,
    wat vind je daarvan?


    (sorry voor mijn slechte nederlands, maar ik moet blijven oefenen!)

  12. oh! die foto's doen mij zo aan mijn kindertijd denken, prachtig!

  13. community gardens are wonderful on every level Australia is also developing gardens on the public nature strips in Suburban streets. Whole Suburbs are planting nature strips with all kinds of plants and produce shared by the neighbourhood.
    Its a really nice way to experience community spirit methinks :)

  14. Die foto's zijn fantastisch, al ken ik het fenomeen schooltuin niet uit mijn schooltijd! En wat fijn om zo'n tuin te hebben.