drawing challenge: industrial

after a flood in 1916, it was decided that the Zuiderzee would be enclosed and reclaimed
in 1932 the Afsluitdijk was completed, which closed off the sea completely
the Zuiderzee was subsequently called IJsselmeer, lake at the end of the river IJssel

this is where I had to think of by the theme 'industrial', chosen by Rachel
I live there, in the Flevopolder, Southern Flevoland
on the world largest artificial island in, what once was, the Zuiderzee

industrial, manufacturing, making
all to do with human beings, man, and their hands
big strong working hands
like the hands of my father

drawing challenge: industrieel

na een watersnoodramp in 1916 wordt besloten de Zuiderzee in te polderen
in 1932 komt de Afsluitdijk gereed die de voormalige zee compleet afsluit
de Zuiderzee heet voortaan het IJsselmeer, meer aan het einde van de rivier de IJssel

dit is waar ik aan moet denken bij het thema 'industrieel', gekozen door Rachel
ik woon daar, in de Flevopolder, Zuidelijk Flevoland
op het grootste kunstmatige eiland ter wereld in, wat voorheen was, de Zuiderzee

industrieel, nijverheid, maken
heeft allemaal te maken met de mens, mannen, en hun handen
grote sterke werkhanden
als de handen van mijn vader

13 opmerkingen:

  1. not a drawing Patrice. But a very strong post nonetheless...
    I feel like drawing your fathers hands...

  2. Dear Patrice, liebe Freundin,
    these old photos you show are really amazing!
    The machines and workmen. I can feel the pull! (And isn't it fabulous what people are able to put up, together?!)

    The pictures of your fathers hands touches me. He is/was an artisan, a carpenter, doesn't he? There is a special energy.
    It reminds me on my father who was a shipbuilder at the wharf in early years.

    You are right: Industrial, manufacturing, making has all to do with people, of course. Its a challenge for us to balance each other.


  3. Anoniem10.3.12

    Wauw die foto van die handen die is gaaf! fijn weekend

  4. Funny, when I was looking for inspirational pictures, I was drawn to the b&w, bit depressing, sad labor pictures.

    Your father hands melt my heart.

  5. Op de lokale Zeeuwse tv hebben ze een serie ' terugkieke' oude filmpjes. Precies dit soort beelden waren er laatst, handarbeid, water, ijzer en steen.
    Heb een zwak voor dit soort beelden.

  6. Those hands are strong and warm. You captured them nicely.
    I love the hands of my father. I have his same hands, I was told this my whole life.
    It's made me proud.


  7. Your pictures are so intense, wow! Both love the strength of the workers on the vintage photos and the warm and storytelling hands of your father! Very good interpretation of that topic!

  8. It is amazing what your people did with their own hands. I have always been facinated by the manmaid, I love old industrial buildings, for example. The pictures you are showing here, are wonderful

  9. Dear Patrice,
    We are in Nola for one more month!
    Did I tell you that our plans for Amsterdam have failed?
    I can't remember if I told you...
    If not, it's due to the need to throw a lot of money into our house, for it's literally sliding down the hill.
    Our hearts broke over the decision, but it had to be made.
    ANother time, we have vowed to return! Then we'll meet!!

  10. the old black-and-white pictures are really impressive and the images of your fathers hands are beautiful. yes, beautiful! thank you for this great interpretation about the theme "industrial"!

  11. Ah yes, that age when man actually worked hard with his hands. The goal was to make more with less hands and what have we gotten back to? Robots? We tip our hats to an older generation as they remind us all we will always be human. It is a little sad really, seeing those hands. sad and sweet.
    whoa- that was a ramble! :) oh well, i'm not going to question what i just wrote. as an artist, you can appreciate that "response" right? :)

  12. Zoveel te bekijken en te overdenken als je er effe tussenuit bent geweest.
    Mooie, ontroerende en interessante dingen en foto's.
    I always like to look at hands, they tell so much, they can do so much, the perfect small machines.
    Dank je voor je lieve reactie, hartverwarmend, x

  13. mooie, erg mooie post...
    ik ben voor de een of andere reden geweldig gefascineerd door verloren industrie. ik denk het, vintage aspect ontroert me.
    je verhaal erbij is zo contrastrijk. het is ook telkens weer de mensenhand die dergelijk thema levendig houdt...