drawing challenge: driftwood

though I live on a seabed, there is no sea near
but there is a forest where I can find branches
white and bare as driftwood
which I use in my bird portraits

when the boys were smaller they made things from wood waste
the kart we no longer have
but the self-made radio I kept
because, too beautiful and precious

for more driftwood see Mano's welt
and happy weekend to you all!

slowly I feel better
monday I have a follow-up-appointment at the doctor
hopefully I will get answers

drawing challenge: drijfhout

al woon ik op een zeebodem, is er geen zee in de buurt
maar er is een bos waar ik takken vind
wit en kaal als drijfhout
die ik toepas in mijn vogelportretten

toen de jongens kleiner waren maakten ze dingen van afvalhout
de skelter hebben we niet meer
maar de zelfgemaakte radio heb ik bewaard
want, te mooi en dierbaar

voor meer drijfhout zie Mano's welt
en fijn weekend voor jullie allen!

langzaamaan voel ik me beter
maandag heb ik een vervolgafspraak bij de dokter
hopelijk krijg ik dan antwoorden


17 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the radio! Absolutely!
    I hope so much you will be better
    dear Patrice
    send you my best wishes,
    x Stefanie

  2. hi, Patrice, I liked it when you said that while you live in a seabed, no sea near
    That is poetry!
    Congratulations, falling limbs of trees in a forest are also driftwoods (in my view) the rain drag it , and also wears!!
    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh goodness... your are really ill??!!
    take care of yourself, but foremostly let the men in your life take care of you too, don't forget. i'll be thinking of you. get better soon.
    perhaps a little salted seawater could decluster some of the blocked airways, could it? mind you, with the {wooden} radio on...

  4. Ik vind dat hout uit het bos net zo goed drijfhout is! Ik begrijp waarom je de radio hebt bewaard, super mooi! Ik wens je verder beterschap!

  5. Pretty golden leafs of a lime tree... fading.
    Dear Patrice,
    great that you save this wooden radio! It's gorgeous!

    And is there a branch for your owl? Looking forward to it...

    Hope that you are on the road to recovery.
    All the best!
    Love to you

  6. wood that drifts through time is driftwood.....
    I love the colour of those leaves they are beautiful. I love all the special projects that my daughter made her fairy wand made from chunky pine wood covered in glittery stars was a little unusual but I still have it despite being clonked in the head several times over the years of fairy games!

    Heres to good health dear Patrice!

    Helen :)

  7. aah kids. so brilliant! love ♥

    i'll send lots of light!


  8. the fine white branches
    the beautiful yellow leaves
    the wonderful creative radio
    beauties altogether.
    thank you, dear patrice!
    good luck and get well soon!

  9. ben even geschrokken van je 'hopelijk krijg ik dan antwoorden'
    wil je eerst en vooral een goed en spoedig herstel wensen lieve Patrice en opluchtende antwoorden natuurlijk,

    bij je radio dacht ik aan de melodietjes die hij blijft spelen, hele warme wellicht met een vleugje melancholie,xx

  10. Trust kids to do naturally what we adults have to try so hard to achieve. Get well!

  11. That radio is precious! So hope you are on the mend- sending thoughts of wellness to you!

  12. Wishing you well at the Dr. tomorrow, Patrice. I love those keep-sakes from the children now grown... sus

  13. Hope you are feeling better - maybe you have some allergies?
    Thank you for the sweet comment.
    My sister (living in the Netherlands) is going to send me some driftwood that she and the children collect on their trips to the beach!
    Maybe I can make some jewellery with it?
    Wishing you a lovely friday!

  14. that radio!

    are you feeling better, dear? what did the doctor say?
    i´m going to visit my daughter tomorrow and i´ll be back at the end of this week.
    all the best to you and hugs and kisses!

  15. Ja, wie geht es Dir?
    Dear Patrice, how are you? Hope fine.

    All the best,
    hugs and kisses!

  16. Patrice I send my best wishes for your return to good health. The first photo showing the bits of wood just made me think that you'd found some neat branch type driftwood and then when I read that they were from a forest I just appreciated them so much. It's all about perspective hey? The wood radio is indeed a wonderful sculpture. It's magnificent. Bravo!! I liked this post so much. *smiles* Norma, xo