zwart, wit en kleur

it's not all okay
it's not the end

although there are a few questions
already many are answered
and I feel much better!
the black
the white

next week wednesday I go to Finland for a few days
to visit my brother and his family
and Ritva
the color

leaves-poster-card from olga
left over spoon from skujeniece
wooden spoon from coco
sailor from johan via sandra juto

* * * *
het is niet allemaal ok
het is niet het einde

alhoewel er nog steeds een paar vragen zijn
vele zijn beantwoord
en ik voel me veel beter!
het zwart
het wit

volgende week woensdag ga ik naar Finland voor een paar dagen
mijn broer en zijn familie bezoeken
en Ritva
de kleur


7 opmerkingen:

  1. wishing you lots and lots of colour and lovely days in Finland, x

  2. Dear, Enjoy your time In Finland...its so hard to live far but it make every second together special and precious (but not less easy..I know all about it...

    love the cute sailor....
    xox, Hagar

  3. good to hear that you at least feel better!
    what a nice collection of treasures : )

    wishing you a wonderful trip,

  4. Oh, dear Patrice,
    that are good news!

    een glas water
    half vol
    met bloem

    Pretty treasures here! (la casita Alessandra's cloud?)

    And please, give Ritva a big hug from me :)


  5. Have a nice trip to Finland! I love the coulours in your flowers, and the contrast to the black and white items

  6. Patrice
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your brother and family in Finland. Glad you feel better too....and the bonus is that you get to say hello to Ritva!

    Have fun!

  7. liebe freundin,
    i am so glad to read that you feel better.
    my heart jumps happily for you, because i know
    how much the finland trip means to you.
    and please give ritva a big hug from me too!
    love+hugs! julia