drawing challenge: leaf

leaves colors
it's raining golden-yellow and orange in the woods
the first image early in the morning
the sun shining right on the golden colored trees

the theme reminds me of the leaves-project Oldest made two years ago
a small herbarium, here only a part
so carefully made
with drawings and the Latin names

both fit into this time of the year

wishing you a very nice and colorful weekend
for more leaves and color see miss Herzfrisch!

* * * *

bladeren kleuren
het regent goudgeel en oranje in het bos
de eerste foto, vroeg in de morgen
de zon schijnt precies op de goud gekleurde bomen

het thema doet me denken aan het bladeren-project dat Oudste twee jaar geleden maakte
een klein herbarium, hier slechts een gedeelte
zo zorgvuldig gemaakt
met tekeningetjes en de Latijnse namen

beiden passen in deze tijd van het jaar

wens jullie een heel fijn en kleurig weekend! 

14 opmerkingen:

  1. very beautiful autumn landscape!!!
    and very beautiful leaves!!
    these leaves are dry but I would not say dead, they have an intense and romantic color :)

  2. lieve lieve patrice,
    misschien zit je nu in finland? het vrisse norden te genieten?
    ik ben al bijna een week weg, zonder internet...maar ik heb wel snailmail ontvangen, wauw, zo onzettend leuk, heel veel bedankt!
    ik heb gelijk een kopje thee gemakt en een paar stroopwafels gegeten, het huis voelt zo lekker zacht, fijne hout, nu een mooie plek gewonden.fotos volgt.
    veel liefs en knuffels

    mooie bladeren!

  3. Dear Patrice,
    your Oldest has made a beautiful herbarium!
    It looks very delicate and faithful.

    And leaves and leave fits into this time of the year, you're right.
    So many falls I have seen, but this one feels like a new one, a special one.


  4. There is really nothing to compare to these colors of the fall leaf hey? The sun shining on yellow leaves as a first visual of the day is spectacular. One could not wish for more. Hugs, Norma, x

  5. Such a lovely post Patrice

    I do like the cleaness of the catalogued leaves they look fab like that. but my favourite is the last image the simple autumn leaf held against a blank wall just beautiful.

    Have a great weekend

    Helen x

  6. Such serenity in that top photo, Patrice. -sus

  7. My gosh ist's nice to be back enjoying your beautiful photos, Patrice!

  8. I love herbariums so much. this one is beautiful - compliments to your oldest!
    one of my dreams is to find a very old herbarium at the fleamarket...
    wish you a sunny colourful sunday! :-) mano

  9. the delicacy of an herbarium! i'm sure i never understood its imagination when i was a kid... i can't remember joyful moments at putting together said herbarium, i was just always short of one or two leaves. the stress! ha ha ha...
    enjoy that walking about in full fall colour. i hope you are truely better.

  10. it's so easy to pretend sitting in a little boat, rowing into your beautiful landscape and just watch and listen and smell and breathe.

    an herbarium made with care and attention, good to know they still do that nowadays, heartwarming post, x

  11. love the collection of leaves Patrice! - and the fact that you've kept them : )

    Enjoy a peacefull Sunday

  12. Hi Patrice, I would say this herbarium collection would perfectly fit to my books! I like the comibination of words, drawing and leaf.

  13. What a wonderful morning expression. And the herbarium with the handdrawing is a beautiful autumn souvenir.
    Thank you for participating!

  14. I too love herbariums... the combination of words, drawings and plants makes me so happy. This one is beautiful as is your image of fall leaves. Beautiful!