drawing challenge: cup

the theme 'cup' was chosen by Stefanie

cups, i have them in all shapes and sizes
from ornate with a gold rim and print
to very simple white bowls that fit right in your hand

for this drawing challenge a drawing on the blackboard
a tribute
happy birthday dear Stefanie!

drawing challenge: cup

kopjes, ik heb ze in allerlei soorten en maten
van sierlijke met een gouden randje en print
tot heel eenvoudige witte kommetjes die precies passen in je hand

voor deze drawing challenge een tekening op het schoolbord
een hommage
van harte gefeliciteerd Stefanie!

21 opmerkingen:

  1. hihi, you made me smile! First of all with the cup and the little story and your great birthday wish to Stefanie! I love it, you captured her style so well! oooh that little heart...

  2. I agree with Celine, this is a awesome little story and for my taste you can't go wrong with a chalkboard drawing and especially the little houses (like the one of you) made me smile and this flyiing little bird. You captured it all.
    xo Barbara

  3. It almost looks like a little still frame movie :) Wonderful cup and birthday tribute! Patrice you did capture Stefanie's style :)

  4. Hello Patrice. I just love your drawing on the chalkboard! While looking at the bottom drawing I thought I had somehow flipped over to Stefanie's blog you captured her so well. What a sweet flip book you could make with these drawings. Happy week to you.

  5. oh, patrice!
    (and i admit to a cup crush too)

  6. aaaah, dearest Patrice! this is charming... the cup grows before our very eyes, gets narrow houses and a crown in stefaniestyle.... beauuuutiful and so very poetic... this bird formed by delicious vapour... sigh... a pure and wonderful tribute to Stefanie's art.

    xoxx Ariane

  7. brilliant tribute to our dear Stefanie, Patrice!
    Black and white and very elegant.

  8. how lovely! (and just perfect for Stefanie)
    warm greetings from Paris where I'm going to have my first bowl of tea of the day…

  9. ...all of the above!

    I am keen to see a flip book
    or a still frame movie : )

    k x

  10. dear Patrice, this is sooooo nice, I mean, I am really touched, I don´t know what to say... thank you! I already watched it yesterday evening while relaxing on the sofa and I was so smiling! you made me a wonderful gift, thank you!!!
    x stefanie

  11. hello patrice,
    what a well done tribute to stefanie! i love the headstanding houses and the bird coming out of the damp!
    have a nice week, dania

  12. Such a beautiful series of drawings!
    You never fail to bring me a smile.
    much love
    xo, j

  13. oh, another black and white cup :) as you can imagine, i really like it a lot.

  14. such fun cups
    love the upside down bit
    the series was a joy to consider

  15. Patrice dear, this work is genius! Brilliant. It makes me happy. Norma, xo

  16. Hey! I'm hosting next weekend if your able- would love to have you :) !

  17. it is a magical, thoughtful, playful, patrice-like hommage here.
    i love you and your blackboard, signature dish that!

  18. a most tender small animation movie when i scroll down your page,( i said oh aloud ) and so perfectly fitting the birthday girl, xx

  19. mooi! is het een blackboard op je muur?
    ik ook, en grote zameling kopjes, de enige past bij koffie drinken, die andere bij thee, en veel vrienden die komen drinken hebben al hun favoriet...

  20. Hi, Patrice, i like this!!! a lot. I could say that this is Poetry in Black and White :))
    Thanks for your nice comment!!!

  21. Oh my god, I love this! So cute, so playful, so story-telling! ♥