drawing challenge: homage....

.... to Giacometti
in the spring of 1992 i drove to Paris with a friend
for the major retrospective of Giacometti and saw
his sculptures, drawings and paintings for the first time in real
in the autumn of 2008 there was a small but very tasteful exhibition
about him in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam

one of my favorites
this homage a self-portrait, slightly distorted so
i look a little like one of his sculptures

this beautiful theme was chosen by Kristen

the past few weeks I had a lot of headaches
but because I still wanted to participate
an easy interpretation of the theme

drawing challenge: hommage....

....aan Giacometti
in het voorjaar van 1992 reed ik samen met een vriend naar Parijs
voor de grote overzichtstentoonstelling over Giacometti en zag
zijn beelden, tekeningen en schilderijen voor het eerst in het echt
in het najaar van 2008 was er een kleine maar zeer smaakvolle tentoonstelling
over hem in de Kunsthal te Rotterdam

een van mijn favorieten
deze hommage een zelfportret, enigszins vervormd zodat
ik een beetje lijk op een van zijn beelden

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow! I love it! Maybe you think this is an easy participation but I think t is a great, wonderful and beautiful interpretation! I love it, really I do!
    En ik wens je veel beterschap....ik vecht ook veel met hoofdpijn dus ik wens je sterkte!

  2. This statue portrait is a fabulous homage to the great Giacometti!
    I hope find healing and relief from the headaches, Patrice. I wish I could wash them away for you. xo Carole

  3. I thought about Giacometti too!! and this photo is super! Really! I wonder if maybe you feel a little pressed in this position, with the headaches and that came through- but it is so modern and abstract
    I love it :)
    And wish for your head to come back to normal sooner and later!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing and playing along- your work is always inspiring!

  4. i think you mustered this theme well, since chosing and then showing (off) giacometti is quite a task. i smile from ear to ear, because you have this sense too, you know, this sense of humour. love it. n♥

  5. oh but easy interpretation?? it's fantastic Patrice, slender darkness, fine homage to a great artist,
    wishing you well dear, xx

  6. I was at that exhibition in 1992 also!! Wasn't it amazing.
    I loved the tiny sculptures as much as the huge one.
    Sorry about your headaches.
    Hope you feel better soon!
    Love and hugs

  7. Ah, this is totally great, not only that I love Giacometti a lot, but your interpretation is totally successful, very witty and humourous too!
    As I am suffering of headaches myself a lot also, I'm totally with you and hope you're doing better now!
    Love and hugs and a couples of Aspirins to you

  8. great homage to giacometti - I love the photo!! if you go to copenhagen some day, visit lousiana museum - they have wonderful skulptures of g. in a light room with great windows to a parc.
    best wishes to you and get well soon! :-) mano

  9. 'Pacing Patrice', Dear! you nailed it! Giacometti!
    Great idea and realization.

    xo xx Ariane

    (Me too, a lot of headaches, unusual for me in this frequency.)

  10. Giacometti, YES - your photo is a great homage to the wonderful artist he was. There is an excellent little book about him, think it was called 'Portrait' that I read years ago - Thanks, Patrice, for a good memory.

  11. Not easy interpretation at all!!!! your photo really seems like a Giacometti sculpture, as I see it, this is a great idea!!!! congratulations!!