drawing challenge: pattern

the theme pattern was chosen by busy bee Barbara

the lines in my hands form a pattern
that is becoming clearer over the years

in the forest the fallen leaves form the most beautiful patterns
every year again
of a year, one day, life

we make the world around us more beautiful with patterns
my favorites of the moment are
the pattern on the plate of Marimekko and
the wallpaper from Orla Kiely for my workroom

de lijnen in m'n handen vormen een patroon
dat met de jaren steeds duidelijker wordt

in het bos vormen de gevallen bladeren de mooiste patronen
elk jaar opnieuw
van een jaar, een dag, het leven

we maken de wereld om ons heen mooier met patronen
mijn favorieten van dit moment zijn
het patroon op het bordje van Marimekko en
het behang van Orla Kiely voor mijn werkkamer


17 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Patrice, it seems that sometimes the most simple pattern are the most beautiful ones like in this awesome book or of marimekko. And I also like the pattern of your coolies especially the one with the funny face!
    Thanks for playing along and wish you a nice weekend.
    Barbara Bee

  2. Hi Patrice, love the pattern and those flowers are beautiful too!

  3. such beautiful photos of patterns
    it is interesting to consider patterns as i look at them
    instead of just enjoying the beauty

  4. love the lines and marimekko dots - I have the same plate, its my favourite one! ... and I'm looking forward to your new wallpaper in your beautiful new workroom!
    :-) mano

  5. Hi Patrice......I lOvE marimekko's patterns and designs. Imagine living inside her mind!
    The patterns on our hands speak loudest after we've lived life for a while. Have a great week. xo Carole

  6. and now for some cookies... ;)))
    that your wallpaper {one} wall?

  7. that´s true
    patterns make it beautiful
    love your pictures, the first one is my fav. this time!
    x Stefanie

  8. Really nice pattern fotos and the book looks so interesting !

  9. Mmm, I never really stopped and thought about the patterns formed by the lines of our hands - the life line, the heart line - our fingerprints each unique. A thoughtful post, Patrice, thanks. -sus

  10. it does make the world more beautiful, there are patterns all around us natural ones which inspire us to create new ones again and again, love your stylish pattern.

    your studio looks so fresh, peaceful, room to let the mind wander, orla kierly's wallpaper will add a happy touch, xx

  11. dear patrice,
    pattern of a year, one day, life - thank you for those words!
    I love the marimeko plate and prefer your simple but stylish pattern of lines.

  12. Love that last design- the lines- so classic and the color is soothing :) Your photo collection is wonderful as always- I love the pattern of a bouquet- so quirky and natural- nothing like mother nature to out do us all in creating :)

  13. <3 mooi met patronen. ik hou ook van veel verschillende patronen samen mixen.

  14. Dearest Patrice,
    oh, your words... makes me hear your lovely voice. The lines in the hand... the fallen leaves... patterns, repetitive patterns through time... eternity.
    And Orla Kiely?! oh wow, love especially her leaves, monochrome green on white. All her pattern, her wallpapers are fantastic... simply and clear, lively and fresh... and it will look great on the wall of your werkkamer, Dear!
    The dahlias...(your birthday dahlias?) a beautiful bunch of flowers, like a firework.

    Love to you, my dear friend.
    xoxx Ariane.

  15. tracing patterns with your words,
    dear Patrice . . .

  16. I would eat the first pattern, I want to feel the perfume of the second pattern (although Dahlias have no nice smell, I know) and I would like to read the third pattern, and the fourth pattern.... I really do not know what would do !! :)))))

  17. Yesss. Love Marimekko and Orla Kiely, too!