Delft & playing with type

last friday i visited Delft
not unknown for me because my parents have lived there

i unexpectedly came along Grafisch Atelier Indrukwekkend
the friendly young owner and i learned we had the same graphics teacher
my favorite Hans Andringa
my goal that day was Galerie XS
with a size of 8m2, the smallest gallery in Delft
perhaps from the Netherlands, or the world
and i loved it!
the owner, the place, the works, all of it
in the summer she want to put an exhibition with works 
inspired by Delft but different, new, quirky, poetic, dreamy, strange
so now my head spins....

before i went home i bought some 'Delftenaartjes' of chocolaterie De Lelie, hmmmm.....

i am still in the mood of Delft and Delftsblue
playing with type and printing with Prussian Blue ink
it will a set of 4 cards, soon in my webshop!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastisch, dear Patrice!
    Love the Delft influence and typo. Is the ink well dried soon? when are the pretty cards in your shop?
    (One day I will visit Delft! Yes!)
    xxox Ariane.

  2. Prussian blue is a favourite! It sounds as though you had a great visit - any visit that makes your head spin must be a good one : ) Beautiful work, Patrice - wishing you a happy week! xo

  3. "delfter blau" - really a treasure - I love it! and I'm curious about your cards.
    :-) mano

  4. looks like you had a wonderful time
    and yum to good chocolate and blue prints

  5. see.. ha. delft...
    now i'm almost sorry i'm gonna miss it this summer.
    schitterend blauw, zeg!

  6. je bent hier zo goed in Patrice, dat pure, dat duidelijke en wat een mooie nuances in dat hé delfts pruisisch blauw, xx