drawing challenge169: YOUTH

look at her, 19 years old
in love with one of his friends
but it is he who writes a song about her
which he shyly handed on tape
it is the start of their friendship
and it is with him that she has adventures like
a tour through the dunes and bunkers
a picnic in a meadow full of cows

her love with his friend ended
but the friendship with him continued
it still does! he is the one that timbered TREES
and, he still sings 

since this drawing challenge i want 
to make a series about my little me
searching for images in an old photo album 
i found this one of 1967 
i am still happily playing with type  ;^))

sweet Rose ARIANE's theme this week
please visit her blog for the links to the other participants

fine weekend!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. I like the little you plying with her horse. Time flyes, memories create their own reallity. When I looked at your words I said to myself To be my without wondering, just exepting.

  2. this is so romantic! the singer is just great, I enjoy listening, to watch your face, those eyes...
    and lovestories are a big part of youth
    x Stefanie

  3. what a splendid good idea. we curl back upon ourselves, it seems, i think it is a very natural process, and i also believe answers lie in wait for us, even if we fail to pose the questions.

    patrice! aftelleuhhhhhh!!! jij al? ik soms. kgoh... x n♥

  4. such wonderful, youthful photos!
    you make me want to look into my photos.

    your print is striking
    the words i love

  5. Awww you made a good choice a man with a sweet voice! Youthful love... tra la tra la!
    A series of little you sounds intriguing. I wonder where it will take you? xo Carole

  6. Look at you, lovely girl! Love that project, that would be so much fun to do. Can't wait to see (and read) more of your little me. :D

  7. Beautiful you.
    And your friend is so talented. I am enjoying listening to him as I write this...
    also... I think I had the same little bike.
    Was it red?

  8. That's a beautiful memory! And what a great photo.

  9. Mooi, prachtig Patrice!
    Thank you for your memory here (as little girl and with sweet 19) and showing this special friendship (romantic and concrete). So, weaving with threads of memory create a beautiful present and future. Your printed words... 'without wondering'. Simply great!

    xoxx Ariane.

  10. Wow! I have no words. Trank you for this lovely post!
    ❤️ Katrin