drawing challenge 167: the trickster

in the summer of 1985 (i was so young  ;^))
i started the education Interior Architecture at the Art Academy
one of the tasks was; 'design and draw compounds'
one had to consist of three seperate elements
that is the one you see, (and the only one i could find)
it was that teacher who called me a trickster
because he liked the drawings initially
and only later discovered that many compounds were impossible

i have not finish that education, after a year i stopped
years later i restarted, then the direction 'free arts'
painting, drawing and etching
and loved it

the theme of this week is chosen by VERONICA
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in de zomer van 1985 (ik was zo jong; ^))
begon ik aan de opleiding Interieurarchitectuur aan de Kunstacademie
een van de opdrachten was; 'ontwerp en teken verbindingen'
één daarvan moest bestaan uit drie afzonderlijke elementen
dat is degene die je hier ziet, (en de enige die ik kon vinden)
het was die leraar die me een bedrieger noemde
omdat hij de tekeningen in eerste instantie goed vond
en pas later ontdekte dat veel verbindingen onmogelijk waren

ik heb de opleiding niet afgemaakt, na een jaar ben ik gestopt
jaren later ben ik opnieuw begonnen, toen de richting 'vrije kunsten'
schilderen, tekenen en etsen
en vond het geweldig

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I think we fool ourselves sometimes into thinking that the conventional ways of doing things are right for us. Or some trickster convinces us to follow the crowd. How amazingly brave of you, to have ventured out on your own! Glad you're being rewarded for reimagining those elements in a way that suits your own style and sensibility.

  2. haha,you fooled the teacher, your drawing makes me think of Esher.
    i know you like clear lines but preferably 'free' clear lines ;)
    me too i started the same education and stopped after one year, free lines....

  3. this pieced is wonderful
    i like looking at the lines to see where they go. I like how the corners are rounded.
    interesting to hear a little of your art history or herstory ;-)

  4. I like that drawing, my eyes tried to find out at once if this composition is working or not (it is!) and I was also reminded of Escher. Sometimes I think I should have stopped my architecture studies, too, but I think it's too late now... ;-)

  5. Wonderful "tricky" drawing. (Poor teacher:)

  6. that would be such an achievement, to trick the assignment, the exercise in itself being so hard already. i think i do LOVE architectural tricks, clever woman! ;))) n♥

  7. Oh, I would really love to see that built in real life. I'd love to see that be the corner of a table, or the arm of a sofa. Wonderful! I'm very late checking back with everyone because I forgot my pc charger and was computer free for the whole weekend! :D What am I like? Hope you have a wonderful week.