drawing challenge 168: FRIDA

FRIDA, with her laces, ribbons, skirts, rustling petticoats and the braids
the moonlike headdresses opening up her face like the wings of a dark butterfly
FRIDA an endearing and, finally, happy figure, in spite of all the suffering
her voice was deep, rebellious, punctuated by belly laughs
words by Carlos Fuentes from the Introduction of the book 'The diary of Frida Kahlo'
third image by Nickolas Muray, 1945, Frida with Chavela Vargas

with this drawing challenge i would like to honour FRIDA
and i wish i was more like her
but i also would like to honour two other woman
first Elisabeth the initiator of this drawing challenge 
which started in january 2011 and who is a fan of FRIDA
and secondly sweet Ariane who kept the dc going and loves flowers ;^))

i used a piece of cotton and an embroidery hoop 
made some pompons and found a nice picture of a young Frida from 1930
which i used as an example for my felt-tip pen drawing 
added braids and flowers and colored them with acryllic paint 
and finally added some embroidery

please visit the blogs of the other participants:

Ariane, Roberto, Tanïa, Lucia, Joanne (hello again!),
Renilde, Nadine, Annton Beate, Veronica,
Rachel (hello again too), Leena, Tammie, Stefanie,
Barbara, Carole and Eric

and thank you all for joining!

16 opmerkingen:

  1. and a big thank you! to you Patrice, for remembering Frida to us once more.
    the hoop, your drawing and the beautiful colors, yes i get a warm and happy feeling looking at your work, i feel like touching the pompons very softly.

    and yes thanks to Elisabeth and Ariane for the many, many, happy, interesting and inspiring times the dc's are giving us.

    wishing you a sunny weekend and flowers, xx

  2. This is really a remarkable artwork dear patrice! The combination of drawing/painting and stitching or this case pompons always works just great.
    I love it!
    thanks for this weeks dc and as well to Ariane and Elisabeth
    barbara bee

  3. love your inspiration
    quite dynamic, the line drawing/painting mixed with embroidery
    i think it would be wonderful hung on a walk in the embroidery frame

    thank you for being our lovely host!

  4. Thanks to you dear friend for this inspiring DC! (it feels good to be back)
    I loved finding out more about Frida - and discovering her wardrobe.
    We should all go a little "Frida" now and then :)

  5. Thank you for this theme, Patrice, . I like your Frida! A new and different way to make art! Congratulations!

  6. Oh my! I think Frida would have leapt with joy and laughter at the sight of you portrait of her. It's a lovely rendition of a woman who didn't let life get in the way of enjoying life. Thanks for hosting, Patrice. Thanks to Ariane and Elizabeth. Today I might put a flower in my hair. xo Carole

  7. perfect hommage of our living spirits and instigators, via frida's exuberant legacy... you as well lady of the lowlands, you are a kahlo, undoubtedly, a kahlo of the north. on your embroidery canvas i especially love the eyebrows. i'm such a lazy woman and thxs to frida, i do not often get rid of eyebrow hairs. yey to that too!! beautiful, beautiful. n♥

  8. Beautifully done Patrice. Love the different textures and mediums. Wish I had the nerve for the unibrow and moustache! At least we can all wear flowers in our hair! Thank you so very much for hosting. This was a treat. :D Big hugs

  9. Have to dry my tears...
    it is so very beautiful, Patrice, Dear! I LOVE IT!
    I have thought on an embroidery, too (and on cast), but... wow.
    And thank you very much for the honor. What would the dc be without you?
    I really love the involvement with a theme, for some days and come out with a piece, and then, come for visit here and at the other participants. The 'results' are so overwhelming, same but different. As we are.
    Love to you!
    xxox Ariane

  10. Nice found. I love the combination of drawing and embroidery and black and white with color. A kind of pop-up drawing:)

  11. I love your work - the black and White and the Frida-Colours. Thank you for this Weekend.

  12. dear partice, first of all my deepest apologies for not having made it to the d.c.. though I had wanted it so much, an unexpected short trip came in the way. but I will go cruising around all the others and their beautiful posts. frida is, of course, so close to me in many ways and I just love your piece. all serene, tender and happy. maybe parts of her life are so familiar to me, I have always seen her rather like the strong, passionate and fun having woman, than the suffering kind. I believe she had chosen her battles wisely. most of the time. and the rest, is what life had layed out. right at her doorsteps. and she had taken it on. full heartedly. thank you for this great topic. x annton

  13. This is a wonderful piece of work Patrice :)

  14. wonderful artwork! the mix of drawing and stitching (the three-D!) is brilliant!
    I'm sorry that I can't join in the dc, but I make a little blog break for pentecost, becaus of to much another activities.
    I hope, next time it will be better! thanks for your invitation!
    :-) mano

  15. I'm totally in love with your artwork, Patrice! Such a great pleasure to go trhough your whole post! I simply agree, I just want to be a little bit more like Frida, too, she still remains such a fascinating person.
    Thank you so much for hosting!