drawing challenge: hair

when i was 14 i found the first grey hair
and also Eldest has a few grey hair already

he has a beautiful head of hair
but about the hair style we do not always agree
therefore i made, as a tease, these drawings for him

H A I R  is the theme this week chosen by Nadine of tinyWoolf

toen ik 14 was vond ik mijn eerste grijze haar
en ook Oudste heeft reeds een paar grijze haren

hij heeft een prachtige kop met haar
maar over de haarstijl zijn we het niet altijd eens
daarom heb ik, als plagerij, deze tekeningen voor hem gemaakt

16 opmerkingen:

  1. such an interesting project!

  2. this is so fun! great idea and fun humor with your son!

  3. Oh What Fun! I only wonder which one he will pick. . . . perhaps it will change each day.

  4. Fantastic!
    Oh I wish I could do that with my real hair :)

  5. Clever and creative:D xo Leena

  6. Fun! I love paper dolls and here you have modernized them, what a great idea with beautiful drawungs, too.

  7. haha, love this! What did your son say about it? great drawings also!

  8. your a perfect mother!
    warm greetings from Paris!

  9. Dear Patrice,
    ha, that is a great idea! So your eldest can give a hairdo a try or clean head :-)
    Great drawings, even from your son!

    xo Ariane xx

  10. Hair styles are such fun to experiment with, especially when young! Thankfully it grows back or grow out. What did you son think of your suggestions, Patrice? With four girls I heard a lot of moaning from behind the hairdryers, curling irons, flat irons, hairspray etc. It's only hair I'd tell myself. Save the fights and lectures for more important things. xo Carole

  11. This is wonderful Patrice :)
    I'm kind of wishing I had one for myself!

  12. ha ha ha... and what did he say to that?
    i LOVE your interpretation, i am almost longing now to play this game, cutting bodies and dresses, etc and make different personalities... just great, great, great! n♥
    dank je om te spelen, patrice.

  13. clever idea and yes, me too, I would love to know his reaction!
    found my first grey hair with 17.
    x Stefanie

  14. This is so clever! I have too many grey hairs ... perhaps I need one of these too ;)

  15. I love it! So very clever. Remind me to do this for Chloe when she starts bugging me about the latest hair fad...lol.

  16. haha, so great!! I most love the "met kuif"! which hairstyle prefer your handome son now?
    :-) mano