what i show and what not

there is no school today and youngest and i drink
cardemom coffee (the best!) and hot chocolate
we talk about the weekend, about sara and the blogworld
we talk about what you show on the internet and what not
the first image what i normally show
the second how it really is
what about you, what do you show?

vandaag is er geen school en jongste en ik drinken
cardemom koffie (de lekkerste!) en warme chocomel
we praten over het weekend, over sara en de blogwereld
we praten over wat je laat zien op het internet en wat niet
de eerste foto wat ik normaal laat zien
de tweede foto hoe het werkelijk is
hoe zit het met jou, wat laat je zien?

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I think both images are rather wonderful.
    But the second lets me in to your world a little more - which is even more wonderful!
    Thank you :)

  2. lovely pictures. i do the same. i keep some things and share some things as well.

  3. That is one of the magic parts of Blogland, right? That we hold some things back (well, anyway I do). I do not usually let my darker, sadder emotions come through, nor my times of indecision, fear and occasional anger. I guess I see my blog as a little haven for myself, an escape, a place where I bring a bit of color and beauty to those who pass my way, and I love that I see those qualities in places like yours as well, Patrice!
    Best wishes, sus

  4. I do it too! You won't see many face on photos of my grand children, my husband, or my girls and their men on my blog. Not to hide them..... just not expose their privacy. They can do that on their own blogs if they want. Plus a girl should keep a few thing mysterious! xo Carole

  5. wauw, wat mooi,
    benieuwd naar dit gesprek...wat hebben jullie gezegd, wat denken je jongens daarvan?

    veel liefs uit zonnige rotterdam

  6. I always show what I am comfortable with. In case I have doubts, it is not happening. And I never show people who have not entitled me to do so. I do swear, cry and laugh on the blog though ;-)

  7. I love to see the mess. It's even more beautiful sometimes. But I don't always show mine. The biggest messes are personal. Those I keep close.

  8. I like both views Patrice and I think we all do this..how much to reveal right- it's a balancing act in many ways

  9. I prefer to read truth and honesty, not made up sets and perfectly framed photography. You raise such a valid point and because of that I prefer the second photo.

  10. I tend to focus on things rather than people on my blog ... just respecting the space of my family, not hiding anything.

    That said, I think it's a little too easy to think only of the people we know are reading our blogs and be lulled into a false sense of security so some circumspection is only sensible. A few years ago an American blogger discovered another blog in which her photographs of her home and her children were being used by someone else who was writing about the children as if they were hers ... very unsettlingly, if not necessarily sinister. It certainly gave me pause for thought.

    What beautiful flowers your friend brought to you x

  11. Ah, dear Patrice,
    I love LOVE to sneak a peek of your life... I am so curious, sorry. But on the other side I think it is important to protect the privacy! We don't need to upend our selves to be seen. One can find a lot of a person through the blog...it is quite amazing! And sometimes it happens, that you let a complete stranger into your house... IRL!... and you have the feeling to know her for a long time already :-)) blessing!

    Ariane xoxx

  12. PS: You can be our host next weekend? Great! I add you to the list and am the host the weekend after.

    PPS: I keep my fingers crossed for the opening of the shop! Enjoy! I wish I could come...