last weekend

last weekend

outside in the spring sunshine
my Love tiles a path of paving stones
and slowly the garden is getting back form

meanwhile i let miss Stuttgart purr of happiness

along with THUIS i designed eight postcards for
the re-opening of the store on March 22
i also would like to make new work
i still have one week....
otherwise i can exhibit the same prints as in december

afgelopen weekend

buiten in de lentezon tegelt mijn Lief
een pad van stoeptegels
en langzaamaan krijgt de tuin weer vorm

ondertussen laat ik miss Stuttgart snorren van geluk

samen met THUIS heb ik acht kaarten ontworpen voor
de heropening van de winkel op 22 maart
daarnaast zou ik graag nieuw werk maken
ik heb nog een week....
en anders kan ik dezelfde prints exposeren als in december

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Good luck with your projects, Patrice. (I loved what you did with the hair DC).

  2. I am so excited to see how your garden grows this year :)
    Lovely to see some prints rolling off miss Stuttgart!

  3. wauw,
    krijg ik dus binnekort IRL zien?! wat leuk zeg!


  4. Boy, putting in a path is some work, isn't it? But it's worth it. I love to wander down paths in gardens. I don't know much about your art yet, but love the little bird stamp you carved. I've been doing some lino cuts myself and really love the process. I don't really know what I'm doing yet, but will keep going with that. Hope your week is bumping along nicely. :)

  5. That looks like some back breaking work you're doing there!

    I just hung my feathers prints on my studio wall today ... I had them framed simply with no mount and a black frame ... they look perfect in the space.

    You have inspired me to revisit my printing practice!

  6. Good luck for the projects and thank you for the process images, I do love your bird, xo leena

  7. The postcards look really amazing! <3

  8. Looks like a great way to spend the weekend! wait the whole week went by already! ugh I hate it when that happens ;)
    so good to see that press! being worked you must be thrilled!

  9. such a wonderful path, good hard work
    and a quaint charming bird!

  10. The next time we need a path in the garden laid I know who to call! It looks perfectly even! LOVE your press and postcards! Makes me miss my dear old press we were unable to ship due to expense. That was a mistake. I should have sold a kid (hee hee) to pay for the shipping! xo Carole

  11. that looks very lovely! I'm looking forward to see more!
    warm greetings from Paris!

  12. Anoniem22.3.14

    Kees, het pad ligt toch wel waterpas? He bolle, gaat het naar je zin?