drawing challenge: bike

my bike, I do everything by bike
earlier with at the front and back a child
and the groceries in the bike-bags
today I practice with Splinter in the basket in front
but early this morning 
I went to the farm to pick the last dahlias

when Oldest was about 8 years old he made this drawing
I love the little details, like the knife in a box at the back
(the sentence says: I regret that I no longer may play outside)

for more bikes, see Rachel

drawing challenge: fiets 

mijn fiets, ik doe alles met de fiets
vroeger met voor- en achterop een kind
en de boodschappen in de fietstassen
tegenwoordig oefen ik met Splinter in de mand voorop
maar vanmorgen vroeg 
ging ik naar de boerderij om de laatste dahlia's te plukken

de tekening maakte Oudste toen hij ongeveer 8 jaar was
ik hou van de details, zoals het mes in een kistje achterop

voor meer fietsen, zie Rachel

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Autumn is coming ,
    dear Patrice,
    wonderful Dahlias... I like their colour very much.
    The drawing of your oldest in age of 8 is a really great drawing! And, sure, its a original boys-drawing... the technical details, the knife!

    I think the photo shows us your inside room? Wanna come closer to have a look at all the pictures on it (goose!)... and what does the sentence on the wall (above right) means? It is a sentence, isn't it?


  2. dear Ariane,

    the goose is a self-portrait
    and yes,
    above right is a sentence:
    'ik vind het altijd zo heerlijk als dingen niet doorgaan'
    'I like it when things do not continue'

  3. zo leuk met je grote, prachtige beelden!
    en het is zo een gevoel van vrijheid, om te vietsen.

    warme knuffels

  4. Well Patrice, I really do envy you. I have a photo on my wall at home that I took in Amsterdam. A mom, a bike, 2 kids, and a dog, all riding merrily through Vondelpark.
    Your dahlias are so lovely, as is that green green grass.
    The drawing of your then 8 year old, amazing. I love it! His words to go along make me laugh.

    Thanks for sharing your morning ride.

  5. :)))
    i especially like the 'regret' message, children are innocent... and charming...
    i hope to find some dahlias today still, in one or other park nearby. sometimes they grow well into october... i love them!!!
    ps - the goose... a self portrait? that's humour, isn't it? ;))) i love it.

  6. Dear Patrice,
    really pretty you as a goose and I like her/your pearls very much.
    And who is that sweet robin? (I have a wonderful walk trough you www.patrice-aarts.nl site, what a treat for the eyes!)

    And thank you for beeing such quick... 'Breakfast' is the next weekend's theme? I'm in.


  7. How very dutch of you - a basket of flowers from the farm (favourites of mine). When we were growing up we were always told of the Dutch that ride their bikes and we all (still) longed for that lifestyle. Australia could have been much more like that - I did grow up riding a lot (freedom) and more people are buying bikes here. My boyfriend's twins got new ones TODAY and I saw one that I am now officially in love with (sigh) and Matt (the boyfriend) is searching the net for a mountain bike...

    And could you please come over and decorate my Life!


  8. Wat een mooie fotoos!
    Your sons drawing is so wonderful, that boy has talent, does he stil draw?
    looooooove the dalhia photo, always liked these bold colors and their firework appearance this time of year, should find a place for them in my garden again at the moment i am enjoying the neigbours ones.
    beautiful art wall!!

    not a breakfast girl( bad habit i know) but i'm in anyway xx

  9. Love that drawing, all those details and those beautiful dhalias too!
    Your art wall is so inspiring, love everything in this post!