drawing challenge: memory

the subject of this week, chosen by Sunny Spot Kristen, made that i lived backwards
looking back and remembering, the past and then

i wanted to make a lot of drawings, layers of drawings
by the more recent memories the older ones will become more blurred
that was the idea
but i got no further than a first draft of three
the little me of two years old with my hated wooden step
or me and my very first barbie and everything i made for her in an old black purse
our first dog, like the one of Tintin, and the others that followed
and more....

like the memories by smell, taste and sound
the scent of flowering pivet hedges
the taste of French toast or the sound of a VW Beetle
all bringing back memories of my early childhood
when i hear this song
i am 18 again and in love with my first true love  ;^))

thank you Kristen for this fine theme!


kitchen garden 2.

it seems like fall because of all the rain
and wind and hail and thunder
the garden is soaking wet, but also so green!
yesterday, a slightly better day, i sowed all kinds
outside and inside

het lijkt wel herfst door al die regen
en wind en hagel en onweer
de tuin is kletsnat, maar ook zo groen!
gisteren, een iets betere dag, heb ik allerlei gezaaid
buiten en binnen


Borremans in Brussels

last thursday i visited, together with Nadine, Ariane and Barbara
the exhibition of Michael Borremans in Brussels

Borremans work is beautiful!
it makes me want to paint, draw, make
the most special to me was
the meeting and gathering with the ladies
thanks to the internet and the drawing challenge!

on the day itself i haven't taken any pictures, none
the photo's shown here are made from the catalog

afgelopen donderdag bezocht ik, samen met Nadine, Ariane en Barbara
de tentoonstelling van Michael Borremans in Brussel

het werk van Borremans is prachtig!
het maakt dat ik wil schilderen, tekenen, maken
het meest bijzondere voor mij was
de ontmoeting en samenzijn met de dames
met dank aan het internet en de drawing challenge!

op de dag zelf heb geen enkele foto gemaakt
de foto's hier getoond zijn gemaakt van de catalogus


yesterday and today

my three man were sailing for a few days as start of the sailing season
and arrived home yesterday with brown burnt faces
to celebrate i made savory tartlets with a salad
and a caramel chocolate cake for dessert 
the last pieces we ate with the coffee this morning
talking about F O O D  ;^)))

mijn drie mannen waren voor een paar dagen zeilen als begin van het zeilseizoen
en kwamen gisteren met roodbruin verbrande gezichten thuis
om dat te vieren maakte ik hartige taartjes met een salade
en een karamelchocolade koek als toetje
de laatste stukken aten we vanmorgen bij de koffie
over E T E N gesproken  ;^)))


drawing challenge: F O O D

i have a love-hate relationship with food and easily skip a meal
but since we have children that has changed
when our eldest son was five years old he had to follow a strict diet, roughly:
no dairy, eggs, sugar, spices or yeast bread
but vegetables, most fruit, green herbs and sourdough bread
and all that preferable organic or organic dynamic
i am therefore pleased that the organic farmshop of Do was and is so close
this all has changed my view on food
today i read cookbooks as novels and is Oldest a healthy young man
who even likes beetroots  ;^)))

i have sown regular and striped beets in my kitchen garden
and like them best in a salad
but for this dc i used beetjuice as paint

and then
these mittens came by mail, thank you so much!!

in dutch beets are called 'bieten' or 'kroten'

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before last image a page of the fine cookbook: Mr.Wilkinson's favourite vegetables