drawing challenge: F O O D

i have a love-hate relationship with food and easily skip a meal
but since we have children that has changed
when our eldest son was five years old he had to follow a strict diet, roughly:
no dairy, eggs, sugar, spices or yeast bread
but vegetables, most fruit, green herbs and sourdough bread
and all that preferable organic or organic dynamic
i am therefore pleased that the organic farmshop of Do was and is so close
this all has changed my view on food
today i read cookbooks as novels and is Oldest a healthy young man
who even likes beetroots  ;^)))

i have sown regular and striped beets in my kitchen garden
and like them best in a salad
but for this dc i used beetjuice as paint

and then
these mittens came by mail, thank you so much!!

in dutch beets are called 'bieten' or 'kroten'

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Joanne, Stefanie, Kristen, Barbara Bee, Eric, Leena,
Susan, Eva (welcome!) and Carole

before last image a page of the fine cookbook: Mr.Wilkinson's favourite vegetables

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Oooh, dear Patrice, my favorite colour! and such pretty drawings!! so easily.

    I wonder about your colored hands... is your beet juice as paint self-made?

    Beautiful mittens!

    xo Ariane
    (only few days:)

  2. Nice how you´ve used the beetlejuice as paint.

  3. Beets, one of the natural dyes with such radiant colour, and one of my favourite foods! LOVE each of your beet paintings, Patrice. And those mitts are gorgeous. Happy Sunday to you.

    Oh and I guess you didn't get my message that I too joined in this week's dc. Come over for a colourful food inspired visit.
    xo Carole

  4. oh so lovely!
    There is a scene in the keira knightly pride and prejudice where all the girls are around the kitchen table dyeing ribbons in beetroot juice and hanging them around the fireplace
    I love that detail - and how wonderful that you are growing beets!

  5. wow, wow, wow! such a powerful colour, right? i was wondering what 'kroot' means, you know, or is that a fantastic doodle? your kitchen garden sounds like the delight it is going to be, all summer long. i am just a tad envious, since i've really not created anything in ours (garden).
    i've promised myself; néxt year.
    till thursday, i'll email!! n♥

  6. great colour and beautiful impressive paintings! I love "rote beete" - rasped with apples and sour creme - delicious!
    :-) mano

  7. so lovely, the color, your drawings and the mittens. But please don't use them to peel beetroots ;-)
    warm greetings from Paris!

  8. Thank you, Patrice for preparing the link already! I've just downloaded my collage. I loved the topic. Well, I love food!
    Have a great weekend,

  9. Oh Patrice these are gorgeous! i haven't done my work yet! I'm not actually sure I can get to it....had given time on friday to do it but something came up and ive been swamped since! I am so sad.....i a going to try to do it when kids are back at school on tuesday but do you think you should take me off the link up? have a wonderful Sunday and keep creating, it's beautiful xxxxxxx

  10. i love your paintings! the color the designs, the subject, really a joy to see!
    such wonderful mittens too! how wonderful that eating organic has been meaningful to your family. Wish it was for the entire world, for it would benefit all life.

  11. What a beautiful post! It reminds me of my mother who love bietjes (I do too;-) and what a beautiful color they have. Your paintings are beautiful, they would be so nice in my kitchen and I guess in any kitchen! Heb je de solo self geverft? nee toch? anders be wonder ik je nog meer!

  12. I love this post. All this amazing beet colour makes me want to swim in it.

  13. Gorgeous color, Patrice, these lush beets, but I don't care for the flavor and never have. A pity, such a pretty edible.
    Thanks for the challenge, it helped motivate me to make a drawing this week, when my life is otherwise out of order!

  14. such a lovely post and wonderful how you used the beetroot juice as color (although I think you naturally not the pinky girl type ;), very nice little paintings especially the squirly one and these mittens are just gorgeous, wow!
    Only 3 days left! YAAY!
    barbara bee

  15. wow what a color!!
    I always imagine my insides turn pink when I eat beets- like a little holiday in some crazy sunset :)
    and those mittens - knock out punch!
    Thanks for the thought provoking theme !!

  16. yay finally got my post up! xxxx

  17. Just beautiful!! Very impressive!!! I am glad to visit you today!
    I am visiting your post through Kristen.

  18. so beautiful!!! and so good to read.
    I love beetroots, the color is always a big joy and me with 1000 allergies I am allowed to eat it.
    have a nice weekend with some good books and food and your family
    x Stefanie

  19. wat een prachtige kleuren!
    ik ben dol op rode bieten, voor de aardse smaak maar ook voor de kleur :)
    die wanten zijn supermooi
    zijn ze gekleurd met plantaardige kleurstof?
    fijn weekend :)