drawing challenge: memory

the subject of this week, chosen by Sunny Spot Kristen, made that i lived backwards
looking back and remembering, the past and then

i wanted to make a lot of drawings, layers of drawings
by the more recent memories the older ones will become more blurred
that was the idea
but i got no further than a first draft of three
the little me of two years old with my hated wooden step
or me and my very first barbie and everything i made for her in an old black purse
our first dog, like the one of Tintin, and the others that followed
and more....

like the memories by smell, taste and sound
the scent of flowering pivet hedges
the taste of French toast or the sound of a VW Beetle
all bringing back memories of my early childhood
when i hear this song
i am 18 again and in love with my first true love  ;^))

thank you Kristen for this fine theme!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. love your drawing :)
    ha, i don't know any Barbara's song

  2. I love the drawing and the idea of layering them up and up and up as translucencies. Hope you will sometime complete this concept and share it here. Have a fine new week building even more good memories, Patrice.

  3. I'm going to agree with Sus- you should do more with that idea of layering and the transparencies- I think this is a fabulous piece! Patrice....your drawing is so poignant and personal I love it!
    Thanks so much for playing along- hope you had a great weekend!

  4. i can imagine how memory grasps one and throws one back too. these memories being so personal, after all. how perfect to try and catch the sentiment in layers of glassine. let's see of i know the song... n♥

  5. I love the way you put the drawings together. It makes them belong together. Yes that song, I remember it.

  6. I like the idea and the make of your memories, some are more faded than the others, although it shows that some memories like the song (or maybe the film also) are as clear in mind, as if they happend just the other day. So time is no incident of memories.
    barbara bee

  7. such a wonderfully creative idea, so much like memories..... veils in time.
    really wonderful to consider, see and listening to your song at the same time.

  8. I love your concept. Imagine: a whole book of transparent drawings....full of memories!

  9. Lovely idea, dearest Patrice!
    and already the three layers shows in a delicate way that it works perfectly. The blurry of the past, great!
    As Eric said... a whole book... x pages... each year a single memory.

    xxox Ariane.

  10. It's true what you say. sometimes a song, nothing more, and nothing less, brings us back to 18. perhaps because at that age, the music leaves a mark so deep as first love.
    and those past memories. distant, diluted, for the newest, revive in us. and perhaps we shed a tear.
    But today, at some point, it will be memory, and we have to live with happiness.
    Have a nice week!!!! :)

  11. fantastic with the layers, I love that drawing.
    and yes, music brings memories!
    x stefanie

  12. What a great idea to draw your memories on layers! I just love what came out!
    And yesss, music...one of those slingshots to the past!!

  13. Dear Patrice,

    looking at your lovely drawing, I suddenly saw me and my brother in this age. Thank you for this memory and thank you so much for this video. Barbara is still now one of my favourit artist - her voice makes me happy - everytime.


  14. oh goodness. what a though provoking post patrice. i love your drawing, and all the memories that inspired it. and how music plays such a powerful role. you might like to know i know barbara s. well, not as a friend, but she frequents my work, and so i guess we are friends in that capacity. she is a lovely person!

  15. Hi, Patrice, i am the next host at the DC do you want to polay? :)