drawing challenge: NO LIMITS

NO LIMITS is the theme chosen by Roberto
i would want to live that way, more limitless and grand and compelling
but i am not like that
i know my limits, which is fine, but sometimes they get in the way and limit me
sometimes so that i get the feeling i disappear

this self-portrait is part of a series of three i made in 2009

NO LIMITS is het thema gekozen door Roberto
ik zou meer op die manier willen leven, meer grenzeloos en groots en meeslepend
maar zo ben ik niet
ik ken mijn grenzen, wat prima is, maar soms zitten ze in de weg en belemmeren ze me
soms zo dat ik het gevoel krijg te verdwijnen

dit zelfportret is onderdeel van een serie van drie die ik maakte in 2009

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful how the images are fading and the "I" is unraveled.

  2. wow, je maakt zulke mooie foto's en portretten, vooral de eerste vind ik prachtig met dat woord erbij. Heel herkenbaar en lijkt een beetje op mijn eigen bijdrage aan deze DC ;-)

  3. isn't it mysterious how i don't perceive you as being someone with limits? goes to show how limits are indeed imprints on our own imagination. i like that 2009 project, it is clever, i find, and the knitted part is just remarkable. bald statement! n♥

  4. i find self portraits to be interesting
    not so much now that selfies are common
    but before, they seemed to capture something that other people perhaps could not
    revealing something
    wonderful to see these
    always interesting to consider our own limits and what we would like to do with them
    or not

  5. I totally get what you're talking about. And you pictured it in such a wonderful way.
    We all have those moments where our inner "I" seems to disappear and we have to go and look where it has gone and get it of the fog out again!

    And...so funny we're visiting our blogs at the same time! :-) Happy week, Patrice!

  6. Hi, Patrice. Actually, I think it should not be someone (including, in society) who live no limits.
    And, surely, we all have a fantasy, an experience beyond the limits. But, I also believe that not all people have the same limits, I mean, not all limits are in the same place, for all, or mean the same. Sometimes breaking limits, about doing something different to what we do any normal day of our lives. And it makes us feel good, we broke some límits. (very good idea to dilute the photo, and in the place where you disappear, there is a strong I )
    Good week, Patrice!

  7. Oh I love this Patrice!!!
    and I know what you mean- I think we all have seemed to touch on this piece of limitation coming from inside us- and yes how it makes you disappear- we close ourselves in- is it safety or habit or self worth?? these limits I think are in us all and yet are they real...

  8. Zo herkenbaar. Jezelf afvragen haal ik alles eruit? Waarom doe ik het niet? Mooi dat je zelfportretten gebruikt. Maakt het nog persoonlijker. De onscherpe delen van je portretfoto's zijn spannend. Mooi!!

  9. Dearest Patrice,
    I have to think about your mooi post... will move it back and forth. It is such a new point of view for me... that one, you, has got the feeling to disappear when feel limited.
    Independently, love the red thread (ik) and especially the last pic... touches me, deeply.

    xoxx Ariane.

  10. zo mooi de serie van jou hier.
    grenzen beperken...altijd een uitdaging voor mij. leer mij nog steeds.
    groeten uit zweden, veel liefs

  11. Hi Patrice, seems that we're somehow sisters in mind, cause you also struggle more with the limits than living freely and limitless, but you should definitely doubt less because your artwork is alway absolutely compelling like this fading portrait series which I love, love, love. As I said in Geraardsbergen you are one of those who never dissapoint their audience with the dc's!!!
    Love + big hugs
    barbara bee

  12. Wow, this seems to open so many meanings, in that sense there are no limits, nothing is self-evident or explained to death. I like!

  13. Dear Patrice!
    I wrote a long long long comment and the machine would not print it last week and I got frustrated but am back to try again...for the life of me I can't exactly remember what I said but it was heart felt. I know I talked about your work (this piece) being a perfect installation in a large white space with high ceilings and natural light streaming in. I saw your art laying on a table, or a few smaller tables, and then the fading repeat pattern photos projected on a large large large white wall on one of the sides of the room. Well anyway I love your work and what you come up with. Norma, xo