i found this image of a pinboard i made sometime ago 
as an insparation for a series of linocuts
about gardening, memories and flowers
the images are now in a box
for when i have more time....

today for the first time i had the idea
i'm going to make it
i will get this work (for my work!) done 
before the holiday begins
and that feels so nice!
after that there will be time ;^))

outside a blackbird sings
despite the tough rain showers
i look at that image
and think of these words:

'If I cannot do great things,
I can do small things
in a great way.'
                                          Martin Luther King Jr.


drawing/art challenge 196: B L U E


as a summer sky
infinite blue

i often feel blue
but probably less
in a dress
like this!

please visit the blogs of the other participants:
Ariane, Fische Frauen, Tammie, Nadine, Rachel,
Eric, Veronica, Joanne, Barbara, Olga, Sharmon,
Stefanie and Norma

and THANK YOU all for joining! xxx

ingredients for my dress to impress:
forget-me-nots, delphiniums, geraniums, nigella


garden party & N E W T H E M E !!

the snails have a GARDEN PARTY in our garden
which was the theme 
of the last drawing challenge/art challenge
hosted by sweet TAMMIE

i really would like to join the art challenge again
that's why i force myself to be the host  ;^))

the coming weeks 
will be even more filled with work
because i need to finish much 
before the summer holidays
and than there are the headaches 
(probably related to work ;^))
so it's sometimes difficult to focus

in between i work in the garden
enjoying the incredible blue 
of the lupins and delphiniums

so, hence the theme for the 196th challenge of JUNE 11-12:

how it works:
if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all