i found this image of a pinboard i made sometime ago 
as an insparation for a series of linocuts
about gardening, memories and flowers
the images are now in a box
for when i have more time....

today for the first time i had the idea
i'm going to make it
i will get this work (for my work!) done 
before the holiday begins
and that feels so nice!
after that there will be time ;^))

outside a blackbird sings
despite the tough rain showers
i look at that image
and think of these words:

'If I cannot do great things,
I can do small things
in a great way.'
                                          Martin Luther King Jr.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. PATRICE! these words are my motto of this year :-)

    Oh, and if I'd be in the Castle right now, I could hear a blackbird, too. Here at my work place there are more seagulls.
    I like your photo of your pinboard, dear Patrice, and it makes me curious about your art piece...

    Til soon!

  2. spying with my little eye... marthe armitage...
    the plan is the start, i find beginning quite tough; but once going...
    soon we'll be there to lend you a hand! ;)))

  3. That quote just hit me deep. Thank you for it!

  4. thank you dear friends!!
    i have changed the words a little...
    first i have to finished my work for work
    before i have the time to muze and sketch
    on that series of linocuts

  5. in other words
    there is no art piece yet
    maybe i can start it
    in the summer....

  6. As you know, I purchased that linocut printed in gold BLA bla. I love it. It says everything!! It's wonderful on your vision board Patrice. The print is small and is GREAT. The board contains nice blues and oranges. Lovely contrast. I'm piqued about what you have in mind. I see people of all ages. All female. Gosh it would be wonderful to hear you talk in person about what this board means to you. Wish I were there (during a quiet, non-busy time that is!! *smiles* N, x