drawing/art challenge 198: T I D E


thinking of 
the sea
of the tide coming in
and the moon
of course

thinking of
the proverbs and sayings with water
while the work piles up around me
like a tide coming in

this song
of course!!

thank you dear Ariane for this fine theme
please visit her blog for the link to the other participants

what i used:
printing ink mixed into a gray blue
stencil technique à la Werkman
colored pencil
papersize 50x70 cm

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the simplicity of this work, Patrice. A few moments of calm for you in your busy day. Oh my gosh his voice is smooth!

  2. Nog een keer, er ging iets fout:)
    Mooie rustige golven, ik kan me zo een hele zee voorstellen! - eric

  3. The beautiful waves in the round, dear Patrice,
    the round of the moon (and a telescope and A Room with A View!). I remember you moon, of course, on your blackboard... mooi! (http://patriceaarts.blogspot.de/2013/03/the-moon-my-friendly-companion-in.html)

    And I just love your grayish blue waves, here. It's even that I know these ink roller ;-)
    The stencil technic is simple with a really beautiful result, Dear!

    I am happy that you've taken time for this theme. And, I wanna tell you, that the inspiration to my crayon oil paintings has come from our summer gathering. You know, our rides by car from Dronten to Delft and Rotterdam, the wide skies? My trip to the seaside last week gave the impact for this theme. And it makes myself so happy, no, makes me cry for gladness, as I've started to paint, finally!
    You too, Patrice?
    See you soon, my dear friend :-*

  4. Ariane, said already almost everything that popped into my mind, looking at your marvelous work. So elegant, so strong!

  5. nice music!! i like it how you explain how you work, i try to do it, but i always forget... love your tide way and describing it...the moon...love it...the sea...

  6. It's even more intense to look at your work and listen to the song at the same time. Love both! And they support each other in a positive way. Your artwork could be a perfect album cover, by the way.

  7. beautiful, love the circle around!
    x stefanie

  8. I really like your version of the tide. I find it very modern, and very realistic. Well done!

  9. glad you could make it. hope you're not drifting too much...
    and clever work! thxs for the links. i really like that werkman style...!

  10. I like the simplicity which you express your idea. with lines and words!