drawing challenge 165: COAT

for the three-days-course typesetting i took last january we had to bring texts to typeset
one of them was this one, shown in the second picture

Be what i wanted to be.
We have taught ourselves everything in life and at some point you think that you are that. 
But that's a coat that you've put on. Without that coat you feel bare. 
Yet it is important that you dare to discover what lies beneath.
first sentence of an unknown person
text by Marten Toonder, a dutch comic strip creator who had a great influence on the dutch language 
by introducing new words and expressions

in addition i made a little sketch

as i said before i like to dress in layers
therefor i like big wide coats, to fit all the layers underneath
and preferably in dark colors, such as gray, brown or black
i once had a beautiful wide hooded coat made of brown corduroy
our sons named that coat 'moms magic coat' 
but now I have a new coat, a very light and slim trench coat!
which makes me feel totally different....

for this drawing challenge i used the sketch
and wondered how i would look like in a multicolored coat
ok, with a little black and white  ;^))
i used pencil and some (old) tempera paint

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i wish you all a fine weekend!

look what i found! 
around 1984, me in my beloved big wide coat by Mac & Maggie
and then, as now, with too short trouser legs


drawing challenge: NEW THEME!

i have a new coat, a so called trenchcoat
i feel different while i have it on
so i thought, maybe that's a nice dc-theme....

hence the theme for dc 165 of April 25-26: COAT

how it works:
if you want to join, leave a comment saying you are in
the following weekend the 'drawings' are shown on the blogs of the participants
and the host links to them all

sun is up
it promises to be a wonderful day
maybe I do not need a coat today  ;^)))


drawing challenge 164: grass

the theme of this week 'grass' is once again chosen by VERONICA
for the link to the other participants, please go here

the first thing i had to think of was the photo report in the Volkskrant of a few years ago
it's called 'this land is your land, this land is my land' by WassinkLundgren
a dutch artists duo which with this photo report challenged our expectations about 
values, land, and the value of land

the second thing was cows, it's the time of year that the cows for the first time, 
after the winter, go in the meadow, see here  

the etching of a cow is part of my graduation work, i made it in 1994
three sawed pieces etching plate with the print of grass

but my most favorite grass is the grass that Youngest drew me 
when he was about 5 years old
with a muscari  ;^))


black, white and some blue

some more images
of that fine day in Rotterdam
made near the maritime museum

nog wat foto's
van die mooie dag in Rotterdam
gemaakt vlakbij het maritiem museum


drawing challenge 163: the key

the theme 'the key' is chosen by VERONICA
for the link to the other participants, please go here

a few weeks ago i spent the day with an old friend in Rotterdam
the city where i was born and lived until i was 9 and we moved to a village
i moved back to Rotterdam, this time to the centre, when i was 22
i lived and worked there, (met my Love and our two sons were born there),
until 13 years ago we moved to the village where we still live

Rotterdam is the place that i (still) call 'home'
my heart leaps a little when i hear the name Rotterdam
and so fine, the water is always nearby  ;^))
the best way to approach the city is from the east:
the view of the city driving along the Maasboulevard is beautiful
that picture is made by Paul Martens

i am not sure all this fits the theme
but for me Rotterdam is one of 'the keys' that makes me me

een paar weken geleden bracht ik, samen met een oude vriend, de dag door in Rotterdam
de stad waar ik ben geboren en leefde tot ik 9 was en we verhuisden naar een dorp
ik verhuisde terug naar Rotterdam, dit keer naar het centrum, toen ik 22 was
ik woonde en werkte er, (leerde mijn Lief kennen en onze beide zonen werden er geboren), 
tot we 13 jaar geleden verhuisden naar het dorp waar we nu nog steeds wonen

Rotterdam is de plaats die ik (nog steeds) 'thuis' noem
mijn hart maakt een sprongetje als ik de naam Rotterdam hoor
en ook zo fijn, het water is altijd vlakbij  ;^))
de beste manier om de stad te benaderen is vanaf de oostkant:
het zicht op de stad rijdend over de Maasboulevard is prachtig
die foto is gemaakt door Paul Martens

ik ben niet zeker of dit alles past bij het thema
maar voor mij is Rotterdam een van 'de sleutels' die mij mij maakt


monthly QUOTE: april

inspired by Barbara with her monday quote 
and Vibeke, like Ruthie, with a monthly quote
i am going to join!
in the beginning of every month i will make
a 'monthly quote' post
starting today

'And above all
watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you,
because the greatest secrets are always hidden in
the most unlike places. Those who don't believe in magic
will never find it.'
                                            Roald Dahl