drawing challenge 164: grass

the theme of this week 'grass' is once again chosen by VERONICA
for the link to the other participants, please go here

the first thing i had to think of was the photo report in the Volkskrant of a few years ago
it's called 'this land is your land, this land is my land' by WassinkLundgren
a dutch artists duo which with this photo report challenged our expectations about 
values, land, and the value of land

the second thing was cows, it's the time of year that the cows for the first time, 
after the winter, go in the meadow, see here  

the etching of a cow is part of my graduation work, i made it in 1994
three sawed pieces etching plate with the print of grass

but my most favorite grass is the grass that Youngest drew me 
when he was about 5 years old
with a muscari  ;^))

11 opmerkingen:

  1. All wonderful images Patrice! Oh, I love Youngest's work. I have a few specially saved art pieces from my little guys. A special favourite is a dinosaur from eldest. I think that one is eating some grass. Must go check it out. Love your cow. Is that a Dutch belted cow? My friend Celi (thekitchensgarden.com) and a couple and they just had babies! Love those cows. :D

  2. hello Patrice,
    each piece is a joy to pause and take to heart.
    thank you for that.

  3. oh yes, it's such a happy and funny sight to see the cows come out after winter and it's easy to understand their joy.
    your minimalistic cow, clever and wonderful, the grass print makes it complete.
    great trio of artwork, blauwe druifje with grass, yes ,touching, putting it's leafs in the air with joy, x

  4. the grass cow is wonderful, patrice! as if your son's drawing - so simple, grass, just a stroke up!

  5. Your son's work with its simple lines is a masterpiece of innocence. It's pretty obvious where he got his artistic skills from..... lovely Patrice! xo

  6. Ja, as Eric said: what a beautiful post!
    Dear Patrice, so fresh!
    and I feel so close to you for many reasons: a print (made in the 90th) and a tuft of grass... a far away sibling.

    Thank you for introducing WassinkLundgren to us and showing us the happy cows. For your amazing zen cow etching and last but not least: Your son's drawing. So heart touching.
    Thank you!
    xo Ariane xx

  7. wat een schattig blauw druifje!

  8. all smiles, for your true stories and your sources of inspiration for a theme such as grass. i also especially like the grass starring role on white cloth! n♥

  9. Mooi die koe! Natuurlijk ook de tekening van je zoon, ik heb ook een paar tekeningen van de kinderen bewaard en die koester ik.

  10. Beautiful grass photo! And marvellous drawing of the cow!
    Sorry for late comment.