letterzetten & polymeer

maanden geleden kocht ik houten letters en
dit weekend kon ik ze eindelijk gebruiken

twee dagen heb ik gewerkt in het Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam
en ik heb genoten!
eerst letterzetten met loden en houten letters
en op de tweede dag de polymeer workshop
ik werkte met een zin van kim, nogmaals bedankt!
en maakte daarbij een tekening voor de polymeerplaat
de verschillende drukpersen, de mensen, het werk
ik was zo druk met alles dat ik ben vergeten foto's te maken

typesetting & polymeer

months ago i bought wooden letters and
this weekend i could finally use them

two days i worked in the Graphic Work Center Amsterdam
and i thoroughly enjoyed!
first typesetting with lead type and wooden letters
and on the second day the workshop polymeer
i worked with a sentence of kim, thanks again!
and made a drawing thereby for the polymer plate
the various printing presses, the people, the work
i was so busy with everything that i forgot to take pictures



drawing challenge: Maria


my Maria is a tribute to mother and child
my starting point was, among other, this favorite Maria from my collection
a reproduction of a pencil drawing from 1920 by Jan (Johannes Theodorus) Toorop
a picture of me with Youngest, taken on one of his first days, 13 years ago

pencil drawing on A4 paper, with pinholes

please take a look here to see their Maria:

Ariane, Renilde, Julia, Céline, Tania,
Roberto, Nadine, Mano (maybe), Olga, Citlali,
Kristen, Stefanie, Susan, Ritva and Tammie

this weekend i will follow workshops on saturday and sunday
so, i will visit your places on monday

have a fine weekend!


drawing challenge 116: NEW THEME

in Venice we saw some beautiful Marias
and even though i'm not religious, i have a soft spot for Maria
for me Maria symbolizes mother and child, in general
and if it were up to my mother my middle name had been Maria
after both my grandmothers

the name Maria means 'bitter', but also 'well shaped' or 'sea'
in dutch maria is the plural of 'mare', the dark spots that you see
on the moon when you view with the naked eye
do you remember this song ;^))


the subject for the 116th drawing challenge of september 21-22
will you join?

how it works:
a host picks a theme
bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in
the following saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs 
and the host links to all the participants 
a new host is presented for the following week


drawing challenge: health

meet my friend for the next few months!
from the moment the heaters in the house are turned on he is my companion
then the sneezing and sniffles starts because of my dust mite allergy
health, the theme of this week, is choosen by sweet Rose Ariane

something we usually do not stop to think about
till you get ill....

today is our youngest 13 years
we raise the glass and say, 'to your health!'

to good health!!
and a fine sunday!
for i will be the next host
hope to see you on tuesday for the next theme!



wit ten opzichte van donkergrijs....
het contrast tussen Venetië en waar ik woon is groot
zonnig, zomers, kleurig, kronkelig, oud en stedelijk tegenover
regenachtig, herfstig, grijs, recht, nieuw en akkerbouw
ok, aan het werk!
ik heb een idee voor een nieuwe linosnede


white against dark....
the contrast between Venice and where i live is huge
sunny, summery, colorful, winding, ancient and urban opposite
rainy, autumnal, gray, straight, new and agriculture
ok, to work!
i have an idea for a new linocut


een paar dagen in venetie

het cadeau dat mijn moeder voor haar 75ste verjaardag kreeg
en ik mocht haar vergezellen!

de foto's doen geen recht aan het bijzondere van Venetië
ze zijn slechts een impressie van de steegjes, de waterwegen,
de pracht, de kleuren, de vele leeuwen (mijn sterrenbeeld ;^) en meer
en ondanks de enorme hoeveelheid toeristen waren de italianen zo aardig
alles was zo bijzonder

a few days in Venice

the gift that my mother got for her 75th birthday
and i was allowed to accompany her!

the images do not justice to the particularity of Venice
they are only an impression of the alleys, the waterways,
the beauty, the colors, the many lions (my zodiacsign ;^) and more
and despite the huge amount of tourists the italians were so nice
it all was so special


52, 53, 54, ....

voor een deken van 220x160cm heb ik 352 gehaakte rondjes nodig
daarna moet ik er vierkanten van maken die aan elkaar worden gehaakt
ik heb nu 54 rondjes
en één vierkantje....

52, 53, 54, ....

for a blanket of 220x60cm i need 352 crocheted circles
then i must make squares which in turn are crocheted to each other
for now i have 54 circles
and one square....