drawing challenge: health

meet my friend for the next few months!
from the moment the heaters in the house are turned on he is my companion
then the sneezing and sniffles starts because of my dust mite allergy
health, the theme of this week, is choosen by sweet Rose Ariane

something we usually do not stop to think about
till you get ill....

today is our youngest 13 years
we raise the glass and say, 'to your health!'

to good health!!
and a fine sunday!
for i will be the next host
hope to see you on tuesday for the next theme!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. yes, from me to you: to your health!
    and you know you are my sister in allergy... I can´t live without this friend!
    x Stefanie

  2. i do love your drawing style though. it is thorough, yet sensitive.
    only too bad you should have a paper box for your best friend in winter...
    will be back on tuesday!

  3. 'To your health!'
    youngest of Patrice.
    You are such a loving mother, Dear! I remember the pics that you are sed to carry with you, the small pics of your family, year after year.
    Thank you for introducing your winterly friend, that you have drawn so strong... love that black graphit in change with softs of soft tissue! Bless you! and thanks a lot for taking time to play the dc at this weekend.

    All the best and love to you and your family
    xox x Ariane.

  4. Ah yes! Patrice- the tissue box is a well known friend at our house this time of year as well! How we love the fall, but the congestion we can totally do with out!

    Lovely drawing of such a common object- makes it special! :)

  5. happy birthday to your youngest dear Patrice, i just know you made it a special day ;)

    i have a love/hate thing with the heaters too that's also a reason why my doors are open as long as possible, your tissue looks super soft and green :)
    you're such a talented drawer,

    i'll be back tomorrow, xx

  6. happy days to him and all of you
    dear Patrice,
    so sorry though to hear the tissue box has to follow you around :(

  7. all the best for your son!
    your tissue box is great! your allergy isn't...
    ♥ mano

  8. Well rendered tissue box, Patrice.
    belated birthday happiness to your thirteen year old!