drawing/art challenge 196: B L U E


as a summer sky
infinite blue

i often feel blue
but probably less
in a dress
like this!

please visit the blogs of the other participants:
Ariane, Fische Frauen, Tammie, Nadine, Rachel,
Eric, Veronica, Joanne, Barbara, Olga, Sharmon,
Stefanie and Norma

and THANK YOU all for joining! xxx

ingredients for my dress to impress:
forget-me-nots, delphiniums, geraniums, nigella

12 opmerkingen:

  1. wonderful blue in your world, dear sister!
    and I love that little poem...
    x Stefanie

  2. Mooi gewaad, Patrice!
    So fresh and pretty shades of blue... what a wonderful idea, Dear! Your poem. Both sides of blue.

    Thank you for hosting this colorful theme. I hadn't thought it would be so deep.... I might have known it, hehe. And, it makes my heart feeling light babyblue (wide open) for joy to see your beautiful art work, again.

    Ariane. Rose

  3. yass! you have dressed to impress. nice teaser on FB and here you are. is your love in the mist? mine are out too (juffertjes-ihg) and now they link up to you! their green has tutu-quality, don't you find? by the way, you created yourself a nice little dress pattern to make it for real! :-)))
    thxs, you got me thinking and musing this week, patrice.

  4. I absolutely love your drawing, and what she's wearing! What a great idea - reminds me of making stick dolls with flower dresses when I was a child, a very happy memory. The poem, too, is wonderful... Thank you for hosting the challenge.

  5. I love how you dressed your lady.
    It makes me smile while being charmed.
    your photo at the end is also lovely.

    thank you for hosting us!

  6. Thank you so much for hosting Patrice. Lovely blue girl. Reminds me of a Cinderella ready to take off her T-shirt and head to the ball. You go flower girl. :D

  7. Patrice, thank you for the fun time this week. You are a gracious and lovely host, as always. This flower dress, such garb of wonder and grace and charm. Her spirit is a delicate puff of wonderful. I especially like the storyboard quality of this visual. First, a ponytail. Then, the reveal... Brava! This is so good! *hugs* N, x

  8. le bleu azurée de ces fleurs orne merveilleusement la robe !

  9. Great blue dress to impress:) - eric

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  11. your work is sooooo wonderful!!
    I'm so sorry, but I have missed on this ac/dc!! if you like, please look to my blue paradise here: http://manoswelt.blogspot.de/2016/06/blaues-paradies.html (sorry, only in german..)
    :-) mano

  12. That's for sure an awesome dress I would love to wear - awesome post!
    See ya soon! Yeah!