drawing challenge 140: NUDE

thank you for joining this NUDE-dc, dear
Carole, Sally, Barbara, Ariane, Veronica, Susan, Tania, Roberto, Céline, Tammie,
Leena, Eric, Eva, Norma, JoanneNadine and Kristen!

do you remember this 'drawing' i made for the 9th dc, theme 'letters of the alphabet'?
it was my 4th dc and my first nude on this site

i love to use nudes in my work, that was already at artschool and that's still the case
although you will rarely see me in a sauna or even in a swimsuit  ;^))

i do love the sun on my bare skin, especially on my neck and shoulders
i like a covered nudity, that there remains room for imagination
that's what i like about the japanese kimono
the collar exposes the neck, which is a major erotic zone for the japanese,
the white face makeup runs to the back but leaves a small portion nude

so, that's what i wanted to paint
my nude neck
with the paintings of Lucian Freud and Michael Borremans in mind
that i will

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  1. my pleasure!
    i did not take this theme literally. me too, i prefer covered nudity, leaving the aspect up to the imagination. i acted upon a idea i've been experimenting with a bit behind the scenes. i felt the "saturday and sunday" really fiiting, you know?

    i recommended the borremans exhibition to a friend today. i hope he makes it. and i hope to see your painting, one day, when it's finished. love, nadine♥

  2. The photograph is breathtaking - nudity exposed in those often unseen areas like the back of the neck are always so beautiful once revealed.
    Tender, intimate and exposing all at once.

  3. The photo has something japanese. Modest and mysterious at the same time.

  4. I feel love,
    dear Patrice, LOVE
    and an impulse
    to caress your neck

    as I hug the new house,
    these soft, beautiful house with copper chimney
    those house that brings tears to my eyes
    or were it your words?

    I know already that your painting will be great
    looking forward to it.

    Thank you very much, dear friend
    even for hosting.

    Ariane xoxx

  5. Dear Patrice, Your painting shall be magnificent, I can tell by the sweetness of your photo and the tender modesty. Really lovely. Thank you for hosting this week. I enjoyed the theme. Happy days to you and yours. xo Carole

  6. Hi Patrice, thanks for inviting me.
    I love the work you did for the 9th DC!
    I think I also like the covered nudity, is part of creative work. I mean, of the creative habit,not to see all, so the creative imagination works, when you have everything in sight there is nothing for your head to work.
    Well, it only remains to see your finished painting. good topic for a future post!
    Good Sunday to you! :)

  7. so lovely to consider the nude neck
    the only part uncovered
    when we expose too much, or a lot, then not much is left to the imagination
    or held sacred for one special person, or our personal friends
    i like the idea of holding somethings for those we hold dear

    such lovely thoughts you share
    and your art is enticing
    thank you for being our host!

  8. Just a beautiful series of images here in this post, Patrice. It was an awesome challenge for me and brought up all sorts of memories and a sort of solemnity in the end. Your post is a meditation. I hope to see this finished painting some day. The drawing is elegant.

  9. Patrice, that is very intimate and beautiful! And yes I did paint a neck picture as well, what a coincidence��Leena

  10. I agree with all the other participants, that your picture is going to be wonderful. I think the sketch on canvas alone is beautiful.
    It's been my second drawing challenge so far - I really loved it, although the topic "NUDE" was a tough one for me.

  11. I thought of that too: to show covered or hidden nudity, I like that too. You did that perfectly, which so much softness and serenity, so beautiful. I like that first image very much, very intimate. And I can't wait to see that finished painting. It is a great photography of you!

  12. Exquisite Patrice! that top piece is a killer! and your sense of composition always leaves me breathless :)
    What a great and daring I may add theme you've given us to play with- it was a real pleasure :)

  13. oopps- for some reason my request to participate was not in the previous post- what !? I could have sworn I signed up...can you sneek me in please :) hugs!

  14. Patrice thank you so much for hosting this doc challenge .....I enjoyed participating ....& am now enjoying seeing all of the results.....I love your photos.... first one & the lovely one of your neck....your drawing on the raw canvas is lovely too....& I am sure will eventually be a wonderful painting.

  15. The natural streaks in your hair coloring lend themselves to exquisite lines in your drawing. So strong and beautiful. I bet this painting is going to be a stunner! I am excited just seeing it on the support and waiting to be realized. Beautiful composition Patrice!
    The photograph is so closed in due to the pose, but the angle of the shot makes it the most exposed and open that I could ever imagine. So strong. Lovely. Norma, xo
    p.s. thanks for hosting!!

  16. Hi Patrice. That's a lovely photo of you and bravo on creating a most exquisite portrait. It reminds me of those beautiful little snippets of Rococo art which sometimes adorn modern natural textiles. Thank you so much for hosting.

  17. Hello Patrice,
    Uhh, I have to sort my thoughts, so many went through my mind when I experienced your post... first of all: your photo is beautiful and, as it was said before, it totally has this kind of Japanese charisma of pureness and beauty and deeper meaning...but then the drawing....much more sensitive...I'm flashed by the fine lines on raw canvas material, that make both a wonderful contrast and harmony...I'm so curious how the finished state will look like, because I find this version almost perfect...
    And your words...showing much or less or even no nudity at all, but still leaving room for imagination...that was what I had in mind, what came into my mind, when I played with my self-portrait...the final version comes close to your neck-picture, but was taken from the front...sometimes showing less is really more...I mean, more room for interpretation and desire...sometimes a simple body detail, a different perspective tells much more than the whole overwhelming nudity we are daily confronted with in magazines and www...it's surprising, how much we're used to nudity, that doesn't touch us much anymore, whereas certain pictures still bring goose bumps at once...thank you for this great theme!

  18. I can totally understand your preference of covered nudity, I would never go to a nude beach, I would also prefer the more aesthetic version of almust nude. Your photo is a wonderful one, but the real hit is your drawing, I like the rawness of the linen, the pureness of the graphit lines and the almost installation like comibination with the wooden background as sort of frame with the empty frame in front. Pure beauty and wonderful!
    xo barbara bee

  19. altijd mooi en prachtig hier.

  20. beautiful, dear Patrice
    the sun on the skin,
    the few lines that define
    who you are

  21. BEAUTIFUL...just beautiful!!