drawing challenge: coca cola

we are a water, herbal tea, coffee and freshly made juice drinking family
in our household you find coca cola alongside the plasters and paracetamol in the medication tin
because coca cola (old and without the sparkles!) works great with mild food poisoning or diarrhea  ;^))

for more coca cola, please visit Rachel's blog Hi Happy Panda!

wij zijn een water, kruidenthee, koffie en vers gemaakte fruitsap drinkende familie
in ons huishouden vind je coca cola naast de pleisters en paracetamol in het medicijnenblik
omdat coca cola (oud en zonder de prik!) fantastisch werkt bij een lichte voedselvergiftiging of diarree  ;^))

9 opmerkingen:

  1. This is new to me and what an original approach of the theme!. Don't hope it's an urban legend:))

  2. Hey, that is fascinating, Patrice. My Mum used to give us flat seven-up when we had the flu, I wonder if it is the same idea? Good photos,btw!

  3. I also believe coke is good for an upset stomach. It was invented by a pharmacist for just such a purpose. Whenever I find myself in this unfortunate state I only want a coca-cola. Thanks for your warm welcome.

  4. That's great Patrice! I was beginning to feel like the only person in the world who's banned pop from the family diet. We're also into water and tea and fresh pressed juices here. Although, my children have had a small amount of ginger ale for upset tummies here and there. That's about the only pop ever allowed. Hmm, wonder if they'll treat their own children's upset tummies with ginger ale?

  5. Sooo funnyy, I love it!!! I like the way you organized your medication tin and show this. I love these pictures about organisation. It's always interesting to see what's in a box.

  6. mmhhh I rather use the good old bicarbonate of soda for stomach upset and drink plenty of water and take oral rehydration salts in case of food poisoning, rather than to drink 65gr of sugar mixed with corrosive phosphoric acid. anyway, each one his/her on belief ;^))

  7. that's just like our house- except we use ginger ale...you made this look so inviting- your little first aid collection :)

  8. Patrice, I find this amazing! I usually run out for ginger ale as a remedy for those particular ailments.
    But coca cola makes sense too. We are not a soda drinking family so coca cola is not popular with any of us. Thank you for joining in. I am leaving Atlanta soon. Back to Los Angeles before we go back to New Orleans!

  9. Haha, coke on recipe, please! ;-) I remember this, too, but I totally prefer black or peppermint tea and salt sticks when my stomach is upset. Anyway, the bottle looks great with the other stuff of your meditation tin, the arrangement is an artwork in itself! I hope the coke will get even older without anyone of your family needing it!
    Come and have a look on my belated dc post, I finally made it!
    Have a nice week!