drawing challenge: hat

in 1995, just graduated from the Art-academy, I was working on a new idea
for a serie of etchings or lino-cuts: the Zodiac symbolized by hats
beyond a first study and some sketches I never got
until this week
the theme 'hat', chosen by miss Greta, made me think back to this idea
so, for the Zodiac sign Pisces I made a first draft

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear leo Patrice,
    how exciting! The Zodiac symbolized by hats... wow.
    Your first draft is already a lino-cut, right? In combination with a drawing of that japanese Lady's pretty face it looks to fantastic... that veil! Great hat!

    I wish you a fourth advent full of light.

    xo Ariane.

  2. vroeg vogeltje patrice! wow!
    i want to have a closer look at those sketches of yours!!! your pisces are off to a good start, love. now you've said it... you're gonna have to give us more...! X
    merry, merry - kicking....
    (and reading ariane's above.
    true! that veil!
    so suggestive)

  3. Oh wow yes i want to have a closer look too,
    the zodiac and hats,that creative mind of yours made an excellent combination, your pisces lady looks stunning, xx

  4. oh wwow
    impressed again
    such creative mind
    and not to forget fingers

    mooie week wens ik je. voor kerst. en een heel bijzondere, rustige kerst.


  5. wow amazing as always, love all your sketches!
    everything in this post look wonderful, just love it!

    happy monday!

  6. what a great idea! and how i love the paper, the circular movement in the hat and the angular lines around the neck. beautiful as always, patrice!

  7. I love your studies very much, the paper, the pictures, the writing ...
    and your fish hat is so expressive together with the fine net in front of the eyes - great!