drawing challenge: smile

as a child I liked to draw with felt pencils
after I bought new ones I draw with a smile

struggling on the smile of Love, which I know for 25 years
I remember why I love model-drawing more

but the most beautiful smile
those of our sons

this weeks challenge is hosted by Leena

the plant is a split-leaf Philodendron or Swiss Cheese Plant
we call it Vingerplant, Finger plant


als kind tekende ik graag met viltstiften
nadat ik deze week nieuwe kocht teken ik met een glimlach

ploeterend op de glimlach van Lief, die ik al 25 jaar ken
weet ik weer waarom ik meer van modeltekenen hou

maar de mooiste lach
die van onze zoons

deze week is Leena onze host

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Lovely smiles, a joyful, happy post, I do love the colors, too!! And the drawing is wonderful:) Thank you, Patrice

  2. beautiful smiles, every one of them.
    and your philodendron (?) lovely lines intersecting.
    they fit nicely in your sequence of smiles.

  3. Your post is full with joy and makes me smile...

    Beautiful smiles,
    beautiful drawings
    You never stop surprising me- in every medium whom you're using you create something different and beautiful!

    ...xx, love

  4. glimlach, mooi,
    wie op het foto? zulke mooie vrouw!
    mijn moeder heeft een heel grote monstera in het woonkamer, die is bijna 25 jaar oud of zoiets!

  5. not only your beautiful drawings(i love the clear lines of the monstera) and photoos but also the colour sheme of this post made me smile, xx

  6. dear

    thank you so much for the heart warming words you wrote me at my blog,
    made me very happy.

    the last years my life has given me some hard challenges and i was actually thinking about the same thing as the quote you shared with me says:
    my life is NOW and it needs to be lived NOW, i can't wait until days are getting easier.....i want to embrace life as it is here and now and dance in any kind of life's "weather"...

    your drawings are so beautiful. i am going to make myself a nice cup of tea now and look more in here.

    wishing you a good sunday,

  7. Dearest Patrice,
    tonight I've dreamt of you! You had a wonderful, warm smile. We met at an office/atelier/showroom which was very inviting: off white walls, two big shop windows and an old shop door. There were other different material like wool and metal, flowers and fruits on a long, wooden table. That makes me smile in the morning!
    Your drawing of your silver husband is adorable. Pretty smile... I can see family likeness! When I imagine you took the pics of your sons I smile, they are wonderful.
    Your amazing drawing of the Philodendron could be a pretty fabric!

    A very heartwarming post, thank you.

  8. somehow i am very intrigued by the brown lines on your vingerplanten. do i gather those lines are intersections? i should have a closer look at that plant! hemeltje!

  9. SO true! the smiles of children light up the heart- and your work is so joyful in color and expression. :)

  10. Patrice
    just perfect......those smiles and your linear drawings work really well together.
    I really love this narrative nice work :)

  11. oy, ik was van overtuigd dat het bovenste foto een vrouw is,
    misschien door de dikke mooie wimpers,
    hopelijk kan het nog als compliment genomen worden,
    want dan geen mooie vrouw, maar heel mooie jonge.

  12. wonderful smiles here and you know that i love yours! big hug, julia

  13. a beautiful story with wonderful drawings and loveable pictures of your sons! xx mano

  14. Dear Patrice,
    I love these drawings and the pictures, too, with those beautiful smiling faces!
    Have a good time

  15. i am smiling too!
    your swift clear lines express so much.
    lovely children

  16. Dear Patrice - I love your smile drawings and also the way you have illustrated the monstera leaves, they would make a lovely design for some curtain fabric.

  17. A child's smile is priceless, especially when they are on the faces of our own children. Lovely drawings.

  18. Mooi gedaan Patrice. En knappe zonen!

  19. yes, such a beautiful smile your sons have
    your sketch is fabulous~