drawing challenge: playing card(s)

card game
memories of summer vacations on the boat
cold and rainy and my brother and I playing a card game
in homage to the past and to us
hearts for him, of course, and diamonds - squares - for me
because of the straight lines that I love

for more playing cards and card games see our host Ariane

drawing challenge: speelkaart(en)

herinneringen aan zomervakanties op de boot
koud en regenachtig en mijn broer en ik die een kaartspel spelen
als hommage aan toen en aan ons
harten voor hem, natuurlijk, en ruiten voor mij
vanwege de rechte lijnen waar ik van hou


13 opmerkingen:

  1. Dearest Patrice,
    your cards touches my heart.
    And I recognize you in that second photo, lovely!

    Your sweet faces... delicate thread
    Beautiful idea!

    And maybe in homage to the future?


  2. wonderful nostalgic - the pictures of you and your brother are so lively, I can hear your laughter and happiness!
    and your cards are so beautiful - I think you painted the faces with love!
    :-) mano

  3. wat aardig, wat gelijkend!
    woman, you can draw, and i love your style too.
    treasures! and beautiful memories too, undoubtedly.

  4. What a lovely way to preserve the memory.

  5. little Patrice playing cards is very cute.....some lovely images from the past and I really love your playing cards the b/w and red collages are very tactile.

    fab post!

    Helen x

  6. What a sweet set, Patrice - and your memory jogs mine, recalling such happy times with my brother playing cards on camping trips. xxoo, sus

  7. Love your cards they are so touching and your story reminds me on holidays with my brother, we used to play cards too. We were playing about my sweets (his were gone already) and I didn't even realise that I could only lose, because his entry was none - or I didn't mind. So thank you for sharing your childhood story and bringing mine back to me.
    Wonderful drawings!
    xx Barbara

  8. a very touching story, great idea, the cards are beautiful!
    hope you spend a playful sunday
    x Stefanie

  9. Awww Patrice, such a sweet way to keep a memory alive. The first photo captures the fun you must have been having playing cards with your family and the bottom photo is just plain adorable. Sweet. xo Carole

  10. i agree with everybody :)
    and the love for black and white photos just grows!
    hugs my dear!

  11. It is heartwarming to see those two lovely children playing together. And to see three different ages of the children (or it seems so); three different clothing sets; and three different hair cuts. These two are a team!!! Well...playing for their own 'win' I imagine, but still a team of childhood memory making. I enjoyed seeing the photographs Patrice, and your playing card design is awesome. This was a special post. Thanks, N. xo

  12. oh you even have some photos of the two of you playing, so sweet!
    your work as always fine and precise and so yours, love it, x

  13. what beautiful crafting and a fitting homage.
    seeing the photos of you and your brother remind me of me and mine.
    though my bro is a bit older...
    childhood is such a precious time. so fragile.

    your dahlia with that enormous pink face makes me smile, as do all of those dahlias.
    "every flower has a face" some one once told me. thats what i thought when you showed us that
    have a great day.