drawing challenge: crown

this week King Winter came in the Netherlands
with the eastwind, coldness and snow

my first wren/winterkinglet (2007) had a crown of small beads
and somewher I have sketches for a wooden birdhouse
with a crown on the roof

but my most beautiful crown is the ring my Love gave me in 1995
as a crown on five years Art Academy

this weeks theme is chosen by Stefanie
take a look to see her beautiful crown of houses
and the links to the other participants

fine weekend!


Koning Winter kwam deze week in Nederland
met oostenwind, kou en sneeuw

mijn eerste winterkoninkje (2007) had een kroon van kleine kraaltjes
en ergens heb ik nog schetsen van een vogelhuisje
met een kroontje op het dak

maar mijn mooiste kroon is de ring die mijn Lief mij gaf in 1995
als bekroning op 5 jaar Kunstacademie

fijn weekend!

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you for playing with us and for such lovely images!
    The ring is so beautiful knowing this story even more and I love watching
    hands of a person, great!
    x Stefanie
    and thank you for your nice comment :)

  2. beautiful ring, cute birdie, funny king winter - a wonderful post of you!
    :)) mano

  3. I'm in love with the bird, had to smile about king winter and like the gesture of the crown ring present so much! Lovely contribution, thanks!

  4. oh..mooie ring en ook de betekenis!

    en Patrice,dankjewel!!

    xxx Ingrid

  5. I love the three crowns, certaily the ring is berautiful!!!!!!
    but your work is fabulous!

  6. King Winter arrived long ago in Northern Canada... but not nearly as cute as your King Winter! The bird is so precious, and your ring divine. ALL wonderful 'crowns'

  7. Love the crown on your bird- such beautiful contrast!
    And winter is King...a very hearty serious sparkly determined king at that :)

  8. Im glad we got 2 pictures of that crown ring Patrice because I absolutely love it!
    The colours in this post are so wintery and nice much needed for someone who in Melbourne sweltered through 47.5 degrees celcius on Thursday.

    Enjoy your weekend
    Helen :)

  9. ofcourse a crown of love is the most beautiful
    but your gorgeous bird an king winter( he looks soft but also determined) made me also go 'ooooooh' xx

  10. Ik vind alle drie de foto's prachtig! De ring is zeer zeker speciaal. En de vogel vind ik gewoon echt heel mooi, met die kraaltjes. En vooral: allemaal zo mooi van kleur nu de winter er is!

  11. Dear Patrice,
    your King winter looks cute and grimly at the same time. That fits! Even the grey coat and cape, sparkling of seed beads.... and his crown! Beautifully icy!

    and your wren... so sweet

    even the love story of your pretty crown ring... *sigh*
    (love to see your hand...)

    xo Ariane.

  12. My gosh your Love's crown is stunning! xo

  13. Just beautiful, Patrice. And the little bead crown on the wren makes me smile! -sus

  14. 1. funny - makes me laugh
    2. very beautiful with a little extra
    3. LOVE IT - I WANT a ring like this also!!!!!!! SIgh - Wonderful
    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, my dear Patrice!

  15. mooie ring,
    en ik hou veel van de foto van splinter en jij!
    is het nog winter in nederland, met sneeuw en alles?


  16. hello dear queen of crowns :)

    it´s been a really beautiful day here.
    i walk to the woods and took some of my green birds with me.
    left them there. i wonder what rabbits and roe deers
    think of them.

  17. Your wrens always make me smile, I think of you when the little guy outside my window sings a song so much larger than himself.
    and the ring is so perfect!!!
    hope you are well
    xo, j