drawing challenge: postage stamp


a while ago I found an old but not very
filled stamp album from my love K
it still came in handy this week!

tomorrow my brother will be 50 years old
an old photo of him and some cutting and
pasting resulted in this 'stamp'
which enlarged became his birthday card

please have a look at our hostess blog:
objects of wimsey from Helen, for more stamps 


een tijdje geleden vond ik een oud maar niet erg
gevuld postzegelalbum van mijn lief K
het kwam deze week toch nog prima van pas!

morgen wordt mijn broer 50 jaar
een oude foto van hem en wat knip- en 
plakwerk resulteerde in deze 'postzegel'
die uitvergroot zijn verjaardagskaart is geworden


15 opmerkingen:

  1. what a wonderful idea Patrice I like the date included too very clever.
    Those number nederland stamps were some of my favorites as a kid I had a couple of those.

    Have a great weekend!

    Helen x

  2. What a beautiful and tender birthday card Patrice! Your brother is lucky and you are sweet. This is great. I guess the stamp over top is a new image? I love this. Yesterday I scored a LARGE bag of used stamps and there are some from "Nederland" but none of those fabulous numbered ones. I love this card. *smiles* Norma, x

  3. mooi!
    ik was daar, in rotjeknor, maar voor een dag, zo kort,
    volgende keer hopeljik tenminste een week en dan kunnen wij koffie drinken en kletsen!


  4. a wonderful birthday surprise! your funny little brother, the postmark with his date of birth, the pastel colours - so beautiful. Your brother is a lucky fellow!
    and I love the number stamps very much!
    :-) mano

  5. your brother will be pleasantly surprised, such a sweet idea and beautifully made ,simple and well designed with obviously, lots of love

    aren't they beautiful those stamps, some little pieces of art and how they reflect the land they come from,


  6. What a lovely idea for a birthday card and a cute picture of your brother anyway! So great you put his date into the postmark! He'll be amazed, that's for sure!
    I never collected stamps, just kept a few I liked, but the more I get to see here the more I'm longing to start my own collection...haha!
    Best wishes and a happy birthday to your brother!

  7. Your brother must be so happy and feel honored to get such a wonderful birthday-stamp-postcard. You did really a great job with this stamp, colour, setting, design all perfect! Well my birthday is on .... (joke)
    I LOVE it!
    xxx Barbara

  8. I admire the simplicity of your brother stamp. xo

  9. This is a beautiful idea Patrice : )

  10. Dear Patrice, my friend,
    your stamp here is so heartwarming and beautiful... you nailed it with the postmark!
    Happy birthday to your brother!

    x Ariane.

  11. Patrice....this is a such a thoughtful and clever idea for you brother's 50th!
    I love it. xo Carole

  12. Your brother is getting a birthday treasure in this card, Patrice. Such a good idea, and a loving gesture. Happy birthday to him, and happy week to you. -sus

  13. Oh this made me feel so nostalgic! The photo and placement are as usual perfect! Love your style Patrice as I'm sure your brother will love this card!!

  14. Oh, what a sweet idea! I'm sure he'll love it.

  15. i think that brother-o'-yours will be so chuffed!