drawing challenge: W A T E R


without water there is no life
but in this part of the world clean drinking water from the tap is very common

a quarter of the Netherlands lies below sea level and might come under water
if there were no dikes and dunes

weeks ago i saw the interview with Geurt Busser, the Wadden painter (sorry, only in Dutch)
every day he paints the Wadden with watercolors
standing in the water, working with water
while the wind and rain affect his work

that's what i've tried
painting with water

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zonder water is er geen leven
maar in dit deel van de wereld is schoon drinkwater uit de kraan heel gewoon

een kwart van Nederland ligt onder de zeespiegel en zou onder water komen te staan
als er geen dijken en duinen waren

weken geleden zag ik het interview met Geurt Busser, de Waddenschilder
elke dag schildert hij de Wadden met waterverf
staand in het water, werkend met water
terwijl de wind en de regen invloed hebben op zijn werk

dat is wat ik heb geprobeerd
schilderen met water

19 opmerkingen:

  1. mooi, mooi, i will go check out Geurt Busser's, i find what you say about his task very intriguing. and water colours... it is a challenge i find myself daunted by, but also very, very curious.
    thus i made it, through hell and high water... still at sea at this end, but hopefully reaching the shore before long.
    loved the theme! n♥

  2. painting with water - he is a fascinating painter Geurt Busser.
    Patrice, sister, I love the drops on the first picture and I love your painting, too! It has a great atmosphere and it´s soft. I had water in my mind and with me the last days, so good to think and feel it, thank you for that theme!
    x Stefanie

  3. Such delicate images, that is fabulous! And thank you for the information of Geurt Busser, wonderful paintings and process! xo Leena

  4. Wonderful images. And how hard to draw or paint water. It has no form. I love the drops.

  5. That's really lovely Patrice. I keep missing the call for the drawing challenges :( Love the photo of the drops.

  6. Your water drops
    word: water
    are all a joy to see, such wonderful images, and soothing for me
    thank you for being our host and honoring the precious substance, water!

  7. what beauty you have created in something I take for granted (or at least in the part of the world I live in). The drops and word art you created are so beautiful - I love the depth you have captured in them. The watercolour paintings too - the soft changing colours of water is always breathtaking. Thanks for the theme - it definitely had me thinking.

  8. Hi, Patrice, thanks for the invitation, and the choice of the theme, I like it.
    I love the written word with water! really, I love (what a good idea to make a font, (do not really know if it exists)
    Thanks for the links, (I could not find the meaning of the word Wadden, sorry) but I enjoyed the paintings of this artist.
    Good week for you! :)

  9. zo prachtig
    zo puur
    zo patrice

    3 p's! past bij jou!


  10. zo mooi! Vooral de eerste foto en ik vind het knap hoe je de tweede hebt gemaakt, Dat het zo duidelijk leesbaar is gebleven. Prachtige water-kleuren bij de rest van je foto's, heel mooi!

  11. Patrice I was too late to sign up for this, but if you want to view my idea, here it is (link):


    Love the strong graphics on this post. The water against the grain of the paper. Makes me want to pick up my sumi-e brushes. Well, actually, that is what happened. Your post made me want to pick up a brush and some nice paper, and so I did. I made a little book of course! *smiles* Norma, x

  12. oh patrice, your pictures and paintings are so fine and beautiful. I love the drop!
    :-) mano

  13. Wonderful pics of waterdrops and very intelligent writing with water - I really love it and thank you so much for that link Bussers waterpaintings are sooo tempting wow!
    barbara bee

  14. So perfect Patrice! and I love how you photographed it.
    Thanks for this challenge it was a lot of fun- and some really great results from all those who participated right!!

  15. Dear Patrice,
    pure beauty. Soft and gentle.
    And thank you for introducing us Geurt Busser... wonderful paintings.

    The new theme is published. Are you in?
    xo Ariane xx

  16. "Water" painted in water. I like it!

  17. Zeer mooie foto's en er is ook een passende tekst.

  18. a beautiful waterscape
    for the eyes to rest in . . .