drawing challenge: JAPAN

our drawing challenge host for this week is Nadine of tinyWOOLF

JAPAN a fascinating country (and culture) i have never been....

end of march I made this linocut of a blooming cherry tree 
thinking of the flower-viewing party in JAPAN, called HANAMI 
the short flowering period of the JAPANese cherry tree, SAKURA, symbolizes
the impermanence of life

second image: woodblock print on paper, 1894, by Hashimoto Chikanobu
first and third image: from the internet via google

JAPAN een fascinerend land (en cultuur) waar ik nog nooit ben geweest....

eind maart maakte ik deze linosnede van een bloeiende kersenboom
denkend aan het bloemen-kijkfeest in JAPAN, genaamd HANAMI
de korte bloeiperiode van de JAPANse kers, SAKURA, symboliseert
de vergankelijkheid van het leven

17 opmerkingen:

  1. That's gorgeous Patrice. I've been playing around with lino cuts and have just started experimenting with wood cuts. I can't believe that second image is a wood cut. Amazing, isn't it? My children have all been to/are on their way to Japan for a year or two. I suppose my turn will come some day. :D

  2. dear patrice, I love your sakura print so so so so much!!
    greetings from denmark,

  3. Hi Patrice, such delicate colors and lines, sweet cherry post, I love it xo Leena

  4. Wonderful your cherry three and also your Sakura about it.
    Captured a short wonderful moment of bloom.
    ♥ Sabine

  5. hello,
    such beautiful photographs and art
    i always enjoy your lino cuts and this one is beautiful

  6. Hi Patrice,
    The blossomy cherry tree in are so inspiring!!
    Lovely linosnede going together with the pictures you've picked out!

  7. Hallo Patricia, ik kom even om de hoek kijken via Susanna :) Prachtig, prachtig, wat een streling voor het oog - jouw eigen linosnede, en de context die je in een paar beelden schetst. Hoe kort het ook duurt, een verrijking.
    Groeten, Clemens. http://thatfullmoonguy.punt.nl

  8. Your Lino...it's just SO beautiful!
    I love your minimalism, which is japanese itself in a way.
    And the wonderful pictures you've chosen...perfect japanese feeling!

  9. Hi, Patrice!
    Thank you for sharing those lovely images! I thought first those ones were taken by you and you traveled Japan!! Please come to Japan one day! Your painting Cherry tree and flowers are so beautiful. I like its beauty of the simplicity. It is really Japanese feeling.

    Let's have a good new week! See you again.

  10. Oh yeah, Hanami, that is a thing...
    I love your cherry tree, it´s just a beauty
    x Stefanie

  11. Some black, some white, a little red.
    A blooming cherry tree.
    - eric -

  12. you definitely get the simplicity in beauty Patrice- it's always a pleasure to visit your blog space and breathe it all in :)

  13. Your linocut turned out very good, I especially like that you used pink dots for cherry blossoms, that is a very clever and appealing trick! I enjoyed your wonderful pics very much, this and the print evokes perfect japanes spirit.
    And I was pretty sure you would show a origami crane instead...
    Hugs to you,
    barbara bee

  14. I am so slow to get here - apologies dear,
    I love how you have placed the images - so very thoughtfully.
    And of course your blossom print is beautiful (with those perfect pink dots on black).
    Love and hugs

  15. Dear Patrice - The photos are breathtaking and I like the picture of cherry blossoms on the twigs, perfectly lovely. Cherry blossoms is cultural icon of Japan. Thanks for your visit and a lovely comment. Have a nice September.


  16. impermanence of life... i like that. i also very much like the way you've added the pink blossom, it is a design technique i favour, a dab of colour, significant mostly by its detail, here the branch. loving it, just as much as i love the abundance of the cherry blossom trees... oh, to be in japan when they flower... thxs for playing, patrice! n♥

  17. Hi Patrice!!! thanks a lot for your comment!!!
    And i want to tell you thank you for this pics too! because Japan is beautiful as much as the women dresses. Obviously, you work of art is (as they say) "the cherry dessert" of your post. :) Have a nice weekend!