with a golden touch & a giveaway

only yesterday i started making christmas cards
to late as always, therefor i made the same cards like last year
only now i printed them with goldcoloured ink
the sound of miss Stuttgart, the smell of the ink, how i love it!

once finished there was still some ink left
so i also printed a few  feathers  ;^))
that is the giveaway!

i made two sets consisting of:
two cards with a golden feather (A4 folded to size A5)
two glassine envelopes and two golden stickers
(like these cards from my shop)
if you want to win this leave a comment explaining why
on december 28 i announce the two winners
good luck & a merry christmas!!!!

gisteren ben ik begonnen met het maken van kerstkaarten
te laat zoals altijd, daarom maakte ik dezelfde kaarten als vorig jaar
alleen nu drukte ik deze met goudkleurige inkt
het geluid van miss Stuttgart, de geur van de inkt, wat hou ik daarvan!

eenmaal klaar was er nog wat inkt over
dus drukte ik ook nog een paar veren  ;^))
dat is de giveaway!

ik maakte twee sets bestaande uit:
twee kaarten met een gouden veer (A4 gevouwen tot A5)
twee pergamijn enveloppen en twee gouden stickers
(zoals deze kaarten uit mijn winkel)
als je deze wilt winnen laat een reactie achter met de reden waarom
op 28 december maak ik de twee winnaars bekend
veel geluk en een vrolijk kerstfeest !!!!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Patrice,
    these feathers are so beautiful. In 2015 our family is going to move to another city in a country that I haven't been to and don't speak the language of. So - lots of changes... maybe your feather would make it a little lighter to pack everything and fly away...?

    Liebe Grüße,
    Mond (C.)

  2. beautiful feather! so fine!
    28? well maybe because it's 3 days after Christmas and 3 days before silvester?
    right in the middle!
    any way happy holidays to you!!!

  3. Your feather is so beautiful Patrice
    i simply LOVE how it looks with that golden touch..
    i am almost blushing because of guilt when entering this giveaway because i am already so lucky that i own one of your works....but i can't help myself from entering because i LOVE this golden feather so much.

    wishing you and yours a VERY merry Christmas,

  4. dear patrice, I wish you a merry christmas and a wonderful new year with many creative ideas like this wonderful golden feather! oh yes! I would like to win!!!
    have a good time, enjoy your holidays between Christmas and New Year's! 28. ???
    :-) mano

  5. I would love to win one, Why? Just because is not an answer, a better one is because they are lovely.

  6. hello Patrice,
    these are quite lovely
    i adore feathers, it is almost impossible to find them and leave them where they lay
    something about the magic of flight, symbolic of freedom to roam where ever with a breeze in ones hair
    they are magic too, last year i found a pile..... left from someones meal in my woods, i carried them home in a loose fist between both hands, my hands got so hot and that was when i truly understood the power of feathers and their magical way with warmth
    your feathers are beautiful expressed in gold
    that is why i would enjoy them

    lovely holidays to you and yours ~

  7. patrice,
    min of meer toevallig (want bestaat toeval wel of kom ik met een reden op jouw blog terecht) ben ik hier beland. aan komen fladderen over het wereld wijde web. in een zoektocht naar een mooie afbeelding van dahlia's voor een jarig vriendinnetje vandaag.
    ik ben geraakt door de schoonheid en intensiteit van je werk en weet twee mensen die deze gouden veer maar wat goed zouden kunnen gebruiken om een vliegende start te maken in 2015. ik zou hen er bijzonder graag mee verrassen.
    dankjewel voor het delen van jouw passie via dit blog. ik maak een bookmark aan en vlieg vanaf nu regelmatig bij je aan. mooie dag,

  8. I love the colour choice :)
    Enter me - because I WANT ONE (is that naughty?)
    love and hugs

  9. They are so lovely, the feathers AND your pictures!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family and a good start to the new year!
    and warm greetings from Paris!

  10. you're a good soul, love. waist not, want not; one of my favourite sayings. i was thinking of you as i was walking to the bus stop from mum's, last night. there was a x-mas feel on the streets; a couple were snapping x-mas pictures in front of their newly gained home, the bus driver was jolly, fairy lights followed the bus i was on... well, sort of.
    we must meet. but yeah, okay. not yet. my shower will only be ready in january; i'll (and you'll) have to live with that reality. not sad, let's meet in spring??!!
    i would of course also love to be a candidate in your give away pot, for i'm into gold at the moment; something to do with a certain proverb. long story.
    love you, p. and miss you. n♥

  11. Mooi! Beautiful combination. Feathers: I often pick them up. Never found a gold one:) - eric

  12. these are incredible, patrice.

  13. Anoniem23.12.14

    "Hope is the thing with feathers..."
    I wish you wonderful Christmas times with your beloved ones!
    x Daniela

  14. Because your art feeds my soul.

    I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas x

  15. Because it reminds me of using my wings, and let my children use theirs as well...love Your simplicity!