drawing challenge 162: pollinators

the theme, pollinators, is chosen by TAMMIE
for the link to the other participants, please go here

last week, while i enjoyed the so welcome sunshine
i heard the buzzing beez in the helleborus
so when the theme was announced i thought it would be easy  ;^))
but then all these other (nice!) things came in between
which is why i'm late
and with an unfinished drawing....
with some bees!
i've made them years ago when the children were small 
and we had a 'seasons branch' hung for the window
they are made of strobiles, yellow embroidery thread and some thin paper for the wings

thank you for visiting and
i will come to your places this evening!

vorige week, terwijl ik genoot van de zo welkome zon
hoorde ik de bijen zoemen in de helleborus
dus toen het thema werd aangekondigd dacht ik dat het gemakkelijk zou zijn; ^))
maar toen kwamen er allerlei andere (leuke!) dingen tussendoor
dat is waarom ik laat ben
en met een onvoltooide tekening ....
met een aantal bijen!
ik heb ze jaren geleden gemaakt toen de kinderen klein waren
en we een 'seizoenen-tak' hadden opgehangen voor het raam
ze zijn gemaakt van elzenproppen, geel borduurgaren en wat dun papier voor de vleugels

13 opmerkingen:

  1. That's a beauty! I love the bees too. Brilliant. :D I'm so glad you could join. The new DC is up on my website now if you can manage. :D

  2. Oooh, those bees are so cute!! And your flowers...wonderful! I'm so longing for spring! :-)

  3. the flowers are so lovely
    it will still be awhile before we have flowers
    your sweet drawing and the flying bees are wonderful
    when my grandsons are older maybe we can make bees
    thank you for joining us ~

  4. wonderful series of photos!
    helleborus ooh, the star of my garden too this time of year, perfect photo Patrice, lovely shades, and the bees...thanks for a lovely idea.
    waiting for the finished drawing still ;) x

  5. Beautiful photos and drawing! And decoration hanging in threads, first I thought they wew real bumble bees, then I thought it was a unique plant, until I read it was made by you, such creative! :)

  6. Hello Patrice. Isn't the sound of the bumble bee's buzz astounding after a long dreary winter!
    I love the little ones for you children. I'm enjoying spring projects with my grand girls so we'll try making some bees next. Thanks for your constant inspiration. xo Carole

  7. The colours of the hellebores in these photos are so very pretty, Patrice! Isn't it amazing how naturally the green shifts to pink and yellow in the blossoms? Your bees are simply adorable - I can almost hear them buzzing ;) xo

  8. i saw your bee on fb and fell in love wth the thought of making a bumble bee... because they are the best, and sweet, and so, so beautiful. with their little diaper on... ;))) glad nice things took over for you though! n♥

  9. the bees are so cute - I'll look for some alders cones!! and your hellebores are really beautiful, I lover the colours very much.
    :-) mano

  10. I love your bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also the sketch! :)

  11. Sweeeet humble bees, dearest Patrice! What a nice, clever idea :-)
    I even like your drawing... that clearness together with the wilderness of hellebores...mmmh!

    Warm-hearted hug to you (and thank you for your comment on my humble bee:)

  12. Patrice your line drawing speaks of beauty, promise, joy. Hellebores are one of my favourites of all time. I once saw a camellia bush (tree) planted in a large planter that had hellebores all around the bottom of it. Both were in bloom. Heaven on earth!! Love your bees. N, x